LEGO 2K Drive Confirmed To Have Lots of Post-Launch Collaborations

It's gonna be rich and colorful.

LEGO 2K Drive was recently announced by 2K Games and LEGO a while ago, but the developers are already making big plans for post-launch.

Executive Producer Mark Pierce recently spoke with media outlet VGC to talk about the upcoming video game LEGO 2K Drive. He spoke about the game’s ambitions for content after the game launches worldwide and it is quite ‘ambitious’ indeed.

While Pierce said that there are still no announcements for specific post-launch collaborations, he confirmed that there are upcoming ones and a lot of them are coming. “[Drive] is truly a AAA effort and we’re at the pinnacle of all of these different brands and everything, and the commitment from these large companies is very high,” he revealed.

Pierce did not reveal any of the upcoming collaborations coming down the line, but he seems to be quite confident of the quality of these post-launch contents. He was happy to say that LEGO fans will definitely love all of them.

What kind of collaborative post-launch content do you think 2K Games will be offering after the game’s release? Share your thoughts on the socials today!

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2K Lego Drive launches on May 19, 2023 for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S, the game also supports crossplay.