LEGO Fortnite: How to Get Flexwood (Flexwood Rod)

LEGO Fortnite How to Get Flexwood (Flexwood Rod)

There’s a variety of resources, like Flexwood, to collect in LEGO Fortnite that have their own uses. Building your own village while mining for resources around the world is possible in Epic Games’ new survival game mode. However, Flexwood can be harder to find than others.

In this guide, I’ll teach you how to get Flexwood in LEGO Fortnite and exactly where you can find it, so read on.

How to Get Flexwoods in LEGO Fortnite

You can get Flexwood in LEGO Fortnite by chopping down cacti plants with a Rare Forest Axe. These can be found in the Dry Valley biome which is at the border of the grasslands on the map.

Unlike Knotroots, finding the cacti you need to get Flexwood is the easy part; it’s crafting the Rare Forest Axe you need to chop them down that makes this task difficult. First, you need to make a Crafting Bench and then upgrade it enough until you can finally make Rare level weapons and tools.

Once you have a Crafting Bench with a high enough level, you can craft a Rare Forest Axe with x5 Cut Amber and x3 Knotroot Rods. Getting these two resources requires the Gem Cutter and the Lumber Mill, which make it particularly time-consuming.

LEGO Fortnite Flexwood Cactus

Maneuvering through the Dry Valley biome is the most challenging part. It’s incredibly hot during the day yet freezing cold at night. Without the right charms and meals to keep you alive, you’ll die within minutes if you’re lucky not to get picked apart by the monsters.

Thankfully there are plenty of cacti that grow around the Dry Valley. They can be cut down like other resources provided that you have an Uncommon Axe.

That explains how to get Flexwood in LEGO Fortnite. Also, check out our main hub on LEGO Fortnite for more guides and walkthroughs.