How to get a Metal Smelter in LEGO Fortnite

LEGO Fortnite Metal Smelter

Metal Smelter is a structure you can build in LEGO Fortnite that allows you to refine resources that make some of the game’s more advanced tools. This is considered a late-game structure since it asks you to fulfill a lot of prerequisites before you can start building it.

Building a Metal Smelter is a tedious process, and you’ll need all the help you can get in order to do it. In this guide, I’ll teach you how to unlock a Metal Smelter and how you can build it in LEGO Fortnite.

How to unlock Metal Smelter in LEGO Fortnite

You have to upgrade your Village to Level 9 first before you can unlock the ability to build a Metal Smelter station in LEGO Fortnite. Once you’re at Level 8 and the yellow bar on the top right corner is full, you’ll need x15 Cut Amber, x15 Flexwood, and x15 Obsidian to upgrade your village to the next level.

Your village has 10 levels in total, which you can upgrade to. The yellow bar that appears on the top right corner of your screen when you visit your village indicates how close you are to the next level. Once that’s full, interact with your Village Square to level up your village. Once you reach Level 9, you can build a Metal Smelter.

How to build a Metal Smelter in LEGO Fortnite

Metal Smelter in LEGO Fortnite

To craft a Metal Smelter, you need to have x3 Blast Core, x15 Brightcore, and x35 Obsidian Slab. Once you have that, open up your Build menu and select the Metal Smelter under the Utility Station tab. Place it anywhere you’d like.

All of the materials you need to make a Metal Smelter can be found in the lava caves of the Dry Valley biome. The Brightcore and Obsidian Slabs can be mined from their deposits with a Rare Pickaxe. However, you’ll have to defeat Blasters in order to get their Blast Cores.

Of course, since you’re going to be looking for these materials in the lava caves, expect it to be extremely hot. You won’t last ten seconds without the right charms or consuming foods that give you Heat Resistance. There are also plenty of Skeleton enemies that chuck dynamite at you, so it’s a very dangerous place.

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