Lethal Company: How to Beat the Bunker Spider

Learn important tips on how to survive and kill Bunker Spiders in Lethal Company in this guide.

Lethal Company How to Beat the Bunker Spider

Encounters with Bunker Spiders in Lethal Company can prove to be very fatal. These creepy crawlies are big and dangerous enough that they can give anyone who doesn’t even have arachnophobia a scare. Bunker spiders are a common threat, so you need to know how to beat them if you want to make it far working for The Company.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to get rid of Bunker Spiders in Lethal Company, including how to notice them before they get to you.

What Are Bunker Spiders in Lethal Company

Bunker Spiders are giant horrifying spiders that reside indoors on the many dangerous moons that you explore in Lethal Company. They’re a common enemy type that will actively hunt down any players in sight. They will also leave webs around for any unfortunate player to step on and find themselves trapped in.

The Bunker Spider’s webs slow down your movements once you touch them. This will automatically alert the Bunker Spider, who will close in on your position and kill you. Do whatever it takes to ensure you don’t step on one of its webs.

Bunker Spiders are able to sense players seemingly through vibrations, so you can sneak past them by crouch-walking carefully. Walking, running, and triggering its web traps are a surefire way to get its attention. If you notice any cobwebs indoors, the Bunker Spider isn’t far behind, so start moving slowly.

Player killed by Bunker Spider in Lethal Company

Whenever a Bunker Spider manages to kill a player, they wrap the corpse in silk and leave it to hang. According to the Bestiary, Bunker Spiders will wait inside the walls until someone trips up their web traps. This can happen in the game, where they’ll hide inside the vents and only come out when they sense someone is nearby or is walking on one of their traps.

How to Kill Bunker Spiders in Lethal Company

You can kill a Bunker Spider with a shovel or with the stop and yield signs by beating it to death. However, it can take up to six hits to fully down it. You can easily kill a spider by jumping on a railing and hitting it until it goes down because it can’t hit you from an elevated position.

Unlike some of the Lethal Company monsters, Bunker Spiders can be killed upon being hit by blunt objects. A Shovel can be bought from your ship’s Terminal for 30 Credits. Less, if it’s on sale when you’re buying. Just interact with the Terminal with E and type in “Store.” Then input “Shovel” and type “Confirm” to finalize the purchase. The Shovel should be delivered to your nearby location when you land on one of the moons.

Bunker Spiders are also susceptible to Zap Guns, which cost 400 Credits. You can fire the Zap Gun at a Bunker Spider to immobilize it before you hit it with a Shovel or any of the Signs until it dies. You can also purchase a Stun Grenade for 40 Credits to stun it long enough to get some good hits in.

That explains every method on how you can beat bunker spiders in Lethal Company. For more guides and walkthroughs, feel free to check out our main page for Lethal Company here.