Lethal Company: How to Use the Radar Booster

Learn how to use the radar booster with the help of this guide and safely monitor regions without putting yourself in danger.

Lethal Company Radar Booster Guide

It can be very dangerous to wander blind in Lethal Company which is why you’ll want to use the Radar Booster. This piece of equipment will give you vital information that helps in keeping your team alive. Using it is pretty straightforward though isn’t explained well in the game.

In this guide, I’ll teach you how to use the Radar Booster in Lethal Company.

How to use the Radar Booster

How to use Radar Booster Lethal Company

To use the Radar Booster, simply put it down on any surface and activate it with the left-click mouse button. This tool can be placed anywhere you want it to be, making it a very useful tool. After placing it down, go back to your home base ship and press the white button next to the Terminal to display the area surrounding that Radar Booster.

You can buy the Radar Booster from Home Base’s Terminal for 50 credits. Simply enter “Radar Booster” on the console and then confirm your purchase. The Radar Booster is portable and can be carried anywhere once you have it. You can even pick it up after you’ve set it down.

You can get enough credits by selling some items you find. A single bee hive should be enough for you to buy two Radar Boosters, for example. You’ll find that this tool is well worth having.

What Does the Radar Booster Do

What Does the Radar Booster Do Lethal Company

The Radar Booster allows you to monitor areas remotely, even without other players to switch to. It’s useful for checking if an area is clear of danger and keeping your team safe. You can also use it to lure monsters away from your crew if there is danger nearby.

By typing in “Ping” while the Terminal is monitoring that specific Radio Booster, the tool itself will emit a sound that lures monsters to its location. This gives your crew enough time to slip by to safety.

That explains how the Radar Booster works in Lethal Company. For more guides and walkthroughs, feel free to check out our main page for Lethal Company here.