Who is the Tentacle Monster in Lethal Company? Explained

Uncover the mystery behind the Tentacle Monster in Lethal Company. Learn its role and why ringing the bell might have perilous consequences.

Who is the Tentacle Monster in Lethal Company Explained

So you met the tentacle monster who takes your scrap in Lethal Company. You may have noticed that he has a bit of anger issues when it comes to people who ring his bell. Do it enough times, and he’ll burst out one of his tentacles and drag your body inside the small hole. If you’re wondering who that tentacle monster is and what it does for the company, this guide has you covered.

Who is the Tentacle Monster in The Company Building?

The tentacle monster is named Jeb, who serves as the company’s representative. Jeb only dwells in The Company Building which is the safest moon in the game, and will give you your paycheck in exchange for the scrap you collect.

We don’t really know what Jeb’s full body looks like since he’s always behind the counter. We only get a glimpse of one Jeb’s dark red tentacles when they reach out to grab a player who’s made too much noise outside. It’s enough to give us an idea that Jeb may be an octopus-like creature or a Kraken.

Beware when Jeb growls, as this means you’re doing something to annoy him. This is usually done by repeatedly ringing the bell outside the counter too many times. But even noise from the Boombox or Robot Toy is enough to earn Jeb’s ire. Jeb will burst out one of their tentacles and grab any unfortunate soul outside the counter.

Players who get dragged inside will inevitably get killed. It’s unknown what exactly happens, but even using the teleporter on your ship won’t retrieve their bodies. This is incredibly strange, as even if you get killed by the other Lethal Company monsters, your body can still be recovered. If you die by Jeb’s tentacles, you can’t recover from the cut as a result of the deceased player being unable to get back in the ship.

That being said, Jeb can be unresponsive, even if you ring his bell multiple times. If you have stuff to sell, he won’t respond with a single ring of the bell. Instead, keep ringing the bell until the rectangular hole in the counter opens so he can take the stuff. Just don’t keep ringing it after.

That covers everything you need to know about Jeb, the tentacle monster in Lethal Company. For more guides and walkthroughs, feel free to check out our main page for Lethal Company here.