Lies of P: Arlecchino Riddle Questline Guide

This guide talks about Arlecchino's quest line and how to complete it in Lies of P.

Lies of P Arlecchino Quest Line cover

Arlecchino is one of the side characters in Lies of P who claims to be the King of Riddles and likes to give out riddles to the protagonist. Arlecchino is quite mysterious and only communicates via the telephones throughout Krat, but the the figure actually has a dark past.

Read ahead as we talk more about Arlecchino and his quest line in Lies of P.

Arlecchino’s Riddle Questline Walkthrough

Arlecchino’s questline starts off with solving his riddles that come up throughout the chapters in the game and locating all of the Trinity Sanctums that they are tied to. Check out our Trinity Key Riddle Answers and Trinity Sanctum Locations guide to learn about all the locations to the telephones, the answers to the riddles, and the locations of the sanctums.

Once you have obtained the King of Riddles Surprise Box and The Chosen One’s Trinity Key inside, talk to Venigni and you will learn about the truth about how his parents died and you will also learn that Arlecchino was the killer. After your conversation, Venigni gives you the King of Puppets’ Message which can be used at a Stargazer to reveal what the King of Puppets was trying to say.

If you haven’t obtained the Scandal! V, the Tragedy Behind the Flamboyance yet, head over to the Lorenzini Arcade and make your way to the Clemence building that’s close to where the Wandering Merchant is. Inside the building is a restroom where you will find the item. Read the item and it will unlock a conversation option for Arlecchino later on.

Progress into the story until you reach the Arche Abbey Outer Wall where you will find the final Trinity Sanctum. Inside this sanctum is where you will find Arlecchino who has been incapacitated to a wall, but still managed to connect to the telephones in the outer world by integrating himself to the cables.

Arlecchino will then ask you a question whether you are a human (lie) or a puppet (truth). Provide the answer based on your playthrough and you will be rewarded with the Alchemist’s Cape and a Quartz regardless of your answer.

Keep on talking to Arlecchino until you get the option to talk to him about the truth behind the Venigni incident. After the dialogue, he will give you the Moon World Warrior Toy. You will also have the option to attack him and get a Radiant Ergo Crystal.

Go back to Venigni and give him the toy to unlock The Story of the Prince Achievement, then talk to Pulcinella to receive a Resplendent Ergo Chunk and complete this quest line. Make sure to complete this quest line prior to defeating Simon Manus as you will be locked out from some dialogue options if it’s done otherwise.