Official Lies of P Release Date Revealed

New trailer also released showing a monster robot.

Round8 Studio and Neowiz have recently announced the Lies of P release date.

Lies of P is finally launching on August 2023. It was announced recently at IGN’s Fan Fest 2023 with a new trailer. It showed the creation of a monster robot that looked quite ugly and is one of the bosses that Pinocchio has to fight in the game.

In Lies of P, players will be taking on the role of the infamous puppet Pinocchio and have been shortened to P in the game. The setting is a dark gothic theme that can be compared to another popular dark Soulslike game, Bloodborne.

P is looking for his creator, Mr. Geppeto to find out and unlock the mysteries of his creation. He will be exploring the streets of the city of Krat in this game.

lies of p release date

Lies of P launches on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.