Lies of P Trophy Guide & How to Get Platinum

The long-anticipated dark gothic interpretation of the classic fairy tale is nearly here. Lies of P promises a dark world where humans have lost their minds and puppets indiscriminately kill. In this souls-like fairy tale nightmare, players take control of the Puppet, P. He is on a quest to get to the source of all this madness and hopefully fulfill his wish to become a real boy.

In this Lies of P trophy guide, I’ll walk you through some of the notable hurdles you might encounter on the way to getting the Platinum for the game. Please note that there are multiple endings and I can only assume that you can those endings based on how frequently or infrequently you lie in certain situations. If it is anything like Bloodborne, you can expect the secret ending to involve the gathering of special items hidden throughout the city.

Note: Lies of P is set to launch on September 19, 2023. Only the trophy list has been made known to us.

There are 43 trophies to obtain while wandering the City of Krat in Lies of P:

  • 1 Platinum trophy
  • 3 Gold trophies
  • 13 Silver trophies
  • 26 Bronze trophies

Lies of P Trophy List

Platinum trophy

  • Lies of P: Obtain all trophies

Gold trophies

  • Real Boy : They all lived happily ever after: [Real Boy: They all lived happily ever after] Reach the ending.
  • Free from the puppet string: [Free from the puppet string] Reach the ending
  • Rise of P: [Rise of P] Reach the ending

Silver trophies

  • The First Puppet: Kill the Nameless Puppet
  • Strongest Normal Weapon: Strengthen a normal weapon to its max level
  • Strongest Special Weapon: Strengthen a special weapon to its max level
  • Strongest Legion Arm: Modify a Legion Arm to its max level
  • Extreme Potential: Activate P-Organ to Phase 5
  • Pianist of Krat: Play a perfect tune on the piano at Hotel Krat
  • Legion Arm Collector: Collect all Legion Arms
  • Special Weapon Collector: Collect all special weapons
  • Normal Weapon Collector: Collect all normal weapons
  • Golden Melody: Collect and play all records
  • Learning about Emotions: Learn all gestures
  • Veteran Explorer: Decipher all cryptic vessels and claim the rewards
  • End of Riddles: Discover all Trinity Sanctums

Bronze trophies

  • First Lie: Tell a lie in front of Hotel Krat Entrance
  • Stargazer’s Guide: Repair a Stargazer
  • Exploring Possibilities: Try to assemble a weapon
  • The Ultimate Defense Technique: Destroy an enemy’s weapon with a perfect guard
  • Fatal Blow: Deliver a successful Fatal Attack
  • The Bastards and the Sweepers: Kill a Stalker
  • Parade Master: Kill the Parade Master
  • Scrapped Watchman: Kill Scrapped Watchman
  • King’s Flame: Kill King’s Flame, Fuoco
  • Fallen Archbishop: Kill the Fallen Archbishop Andreus
  • The Delayed Match: Kill the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood
  • King of Puppets: Kill Romeo, King of Puppets
  • The Champion of Evolution: Kill Champion Victor
  • Puppet-Devouring Green Monster: Kill the Puppet-Devouring Green Monster
  • Corrupted Parade Master: Kill the Corrupted Parade Master
  • Revenge of Black: Kill the Black Rabbit Brotherhood
  • The Complete One: Kill Laxasia the Complete
  • The Awakened God: Kill the Awakened God Simon Manus
  • Bear Gold Coin Fruit: Harvest Gold Coin Fruit
  • From Across the Rift: Kill all types of Dimensional Butterflies
  • The Story of the Prince: Find out about the last story of Venigni
  • The Story of the Refined Old Lady: Find out about the last story of Antonia
  • The Story of the One Who Dreamed: Find out about the last story of Simon Manus
  • The Story of One Father: Find out about the last story of Geppetto
  • The Story of a Stranger Girl: Find out the last story of Eugenie
  • The Story of the Blue Butterfly: Find out about the last story of Sophia

The trophy run for Lies of P is not unlike other Souls-like games. You can expect trophies related to boss fights and collecting weapons for your arsenal. On top of that, the trophy list gives us a hint of all the bosses one can expect to encounter while exploring the city. I can’t say right now which bosses are secret and which ones are story-critical but it’s to assume that a good number of them are not part of the main story.

All I can say for certain right now is that the Parade Master and Scrapped Watchman are story bosses. Unless the order has changed since the demo and that one or the other becomes an optional boss fight. I can say for certain that the Nameless Puppet is the final boss in the game. The First Puppet is the only Silver trophy (so far) relating to any bosses. I’ll have to check the official list to be sure.

At the very least, you have an idea as to how many bosses you can potentially encounter during one playthrough.

Screencap taken from the Lies of P demo

The Gold trophies give us a hint at the possible endings the game has. I assume one of the endings is tied to always telling the truth, while another is for telling all lies. The third ending could be a consequence of being indecisive and alternating between the two. I can’t really say for sure that’s how it works since you need to outright lie to the front door of Hotel Krat to gain entry to the building. That choice also unlocks the First Lie Bronze trophy.

In case you need a refresher, the three Gold trophies are:

  • Real Boy : They all lived happily ever after
  • Free from the puppet string
  • Rise of P

Maybe you’ll have better luck guessing which ending is which.

Personally, I wonder if it’s a secret ending much like how Bloodborne hides the true ending behind the collecting of umbilical cords. That possibility gets me somewhat excited. For now, we know for sure that multiple replays are required to get all endings.

Screencap taken from the Lies of P demo

Assembling weapons is a neat feature, allowing you to try different styles on your favorite weapons. You have the option to switch out the base of a weapon and swap it out for something that has different effects. For assembling a weapon, you will unlock the Exploring Possibilities Bronze trophy.

While P seems powerful enough to handle puppets with his bare hands, it doesn’t hurt to have access to as many weapons as possible for every occasion. As they say, variety is the spice of life and P is certainly “alive”.

The following is a list of trophies you can earn for leveling weapons to the max and collecting all weapons found in the game.

  • Strongest Normal Weapon
  • Strongest Special Weapon
  • Strongest Legion Arm
  • Legion Arm Collector
  • Special Weapon Collector
  • Normal Weapon Collector

As far as I know, you can collect normal and special weapons after defeating enemies that wield them. That’s how I managed to get the stun baton from the powerful police puppet lurking in the streets before the Mad Donkey mini-boss fight in the demo. You can also buy weapons from the roaming shopkeep in exchange for “souls”. The same can apply to the Legion Arms.

Perfect guarding is an important part of the gameplay loop in Lies of P. With the right timing, you can completely parry and negate a full enemy attack. The Ultimate Defense Technique Bronze trophy as you to destroy an enemy’s weapon with a perfect guard. I haven’t had that happen to me in the demo. So I hope it’s easier to perfect guard in the full release.

A quick note for upgrading weapons in the game. It’s not enough to just have souls in your possessions. You need materials in the form of metals and such in order to upgrade weapons. Think of them as different grades of smithing stones in Elden Ring.

Screencap taken from the Lies of P demo

To get the From Across the Rift Bronze trophy, you’ll need to kill all types of Dimensional Butterflies. According to the game, a Dimensional Butterfly will appear in parts of Krat. The Lamp will change color to red and glow brightly as soon as you are close to one. If you manage to chase one down and kill it, you’ll be rewarded with useful materials.

P-Organs are the source of your powers. To upgrade them, you’ll need to use Quartz collected from the remains of fallen bosses and/or powerful enemies. The Extreme Potential Silver trophy requires you to activate a P-Organ to Phase 5. Something like that could require taking down more than a handful of bosses. Let’s all hope that progress is saved between playthroughs.

Screencap taken from the Lies of P demo

And finally, I’m going to talk about the Golden Melody Silver trophy. It asks the player to collect and play all records found throughout Krat. The record above is the one I got in the demo. I had to lie to the weeping woman behind the window and that just happens to be one of the rewards. I’m not saying I was proud of giving the poor woman false hope but she might be already gone in the head, you know.

And that’s everything I have for this Lies of P trophy guide. I will be updating this article when the full game comes out and I get more concrete information. So stay tuned for that.

Lies of P is set to release on September 19, 2023, on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (via Steam).