Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth Game Details Revealed

Hawaii has never met these two dragons before

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In two months, Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth will unleash a storm like no other!! Correction, not a storm but a glorious summer heat that will engulf fans as they get to explore the vast area of Hawaii. But remember this is a Yakuza game and players will be astounded as new gameplay details have been revealed including new and old characters who will be seen as well.

Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth Story Details

After the disbandment of both the Tojo Clan and Omi Alliance, Kasuga Ichiban works hard to reintegrate former gangsters into society at Hello Work to carry on the wishes of his deceased parent, Masumi Arakawa. As everything turns well for Kasuga, an unexpected twist occurs as a video defaming Kasuga and his friends surfaces online.

But out of nowhere, Ebina, a young captain of the Yokohama Seiryukai, introduces a person to Kasuga and that is Takeshi Sawashiro. He reveals to him that his biological mother, Akane, is still alive and wants him to bring the ashes of Arkawa to her as she has little time left in Hawaii. Kasuga is now determined to start up once more and head to Hawaii but unexpectedly, he meets up with the Dragon of Dojima, Kazuma Kiryu. As these two dragons join together, a conspiracy begins to unfold in both Japan and America.

Note: Most of the Japanese VAs have been announced. Some of the English voice cast have yet to be. The VA names from Yakuza: Like a Dragon will be in place until the whole cast is confirmed.

Kasuga Ichiban

Japanese VA: Kazuhiro Nakatani
English VA: Kaiji Tang

He is one of the main protagonists of the game who carries the will of his father, Masumi Arakawa to reintegrate every former gangster into society. When he learns that his mother, Akane, is still alive in Hawaii, he decides to head there and unexpectedly has been caught up in a conspiracy.

Kiryu Kazuma

Japanese VA: Takaya Kuroda
English VA: Yong Yea

Currently works as an agent of the Daidoji faction and is one of the main protagonists of the game. He is the legendary yakuza known in the Tojo clan but due to certain circumstances, he makes a deal with the Daidoji faction to work as a fixer. He goes to Hawaii on a mission but encounters Ichiban as fate once again intervenes. But what is more shocking about Kiryu is that he has little time left as he reveals that he has cancer.

Jo Sawashiro

Japanese VA: Shin’ichi Tsutsumi
English VA: Brian Bloom (From Yakuza: Like a Dragon)

He worked as a former captain of the Arakawa clan and is now in prison for murder. But fate has other plans for him as he ends up reuniting with Kasuga Ichiban.

Yu Namba

Japanese VA: Ken Yasuda
English VA: Greg Chun (From Yakuza: Like a Dragon)

He is a former homeless person from Yokohama and Kasuga’s close friend. He now works for a medical equipment manufacturer and enjoys a calm but ordinary life as an office worker.

Eiji Mitamura

Japanese VA: Ryo Narita
English VA: TBA

He is a young teenager who specializes in programming and ends up being close to Kasuga. Though he looks weak, he is determined to solve any problems that come by.

Eric Tomizawa

Japanese VA: Osamu Iguchi
English VA: TBA

He is a Hawaiian native who works as a taxi driver. When Kasuga first visits Hawaii, he ends up riding his taxi and later on becomes a close ally in the game.

Koichi Adachi

Japanese VA: Akio Otsuka
English VA: Andrew Morgado (From Yakuza: Like a Dragon)

He is a former detective and Kasuga’s comrade. He has recently started a crime prevention company and is pursuing his dream. He regularly helps Kasuga in reintegrating former gangsters into society, and his days are filled with constant stress.

Saeko Mukoda

Japanese VA: Sumire Useaka
English VA: Elizabeth Maxwell (From Yakuza: Like a Dragon)

She works as a hostess in Yokohama. Not only that, she is currently in charge of running the cabaret club that her benefactor left behind and is running the bar despite the economic downturn. She receives an unexpected marriage proposal from Kasuga and still contemplating whether to accept it or not.

Joon-gi Han

Japanese VA: Yuichi Nakamura
English VA: Keong Sim (From Yakuza: Like a Dragon)

He works as a member of Yokohama’s Korean mafia, the Jingweon Mafia. He works in the shadows to rebuild the damage that occurred in Yokohama from the last incident.

Tianyou Zhao

Japanese VA: Nobuhiko Okamoto
English VA: Robbie Daymond (From Yakuza: Like a Dragon)

He used to lead the Yokohama’s Chinese Mafia, the Liumang but is now working as a chef, Though he may look too relaxed, his sharp eyes haven’t lost touch in one bit.

Chitose Fujinomiya

Japanese VA: Anju Inami
English VA: TBA

She works as a housekeeper in Hawaii and meets up with Kasuga. Her demeanor is calm and graceful, but she seems to have some issues that she cannot tell anyone about.


Japanese VA: Hana Takeda
English VA: Fiona Rene (From Yakuza: Like a Dragon)

A female leader who controls the Liumang and the Jingweon Mafia. She used to conflict with Kasuga and his friends, but eventually, they teamed up. She believes that people living in the underworld should not be involved for them to live a normal life, so she has withdrawn from society.

Masataka Ebina

Japanese VA: Hiroki Hasegawa
English VA: Daniel Dae Kim

A man who serves as the young leader of the yakuza organization Yokohama Seiryu-kai. Since the chairman is currently busy, he takes on the task of becoming the temporary leader of the clan. When Kasuga visits the group’s office, Ebina ends up meeting the man.


Japanese VA: TBA
English VA: Danny Trejo

Dwight is the head of the Barracudas, a local mafia that has fingers in pies across the islands. He will be one of many antagonists whom Kasuga will face in the game as he is known for his sadistic and brutal nature.

Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth Gameplay Details

Players are now able to travel to Hawaii and explore the grand city of Honolulu. This huge city is filled with areas that are worth exploring during both day and night. Though it is known to many as a paradise, there are dark figures that stalk its citizens openly.

Traveling around Hawaii means enjoying the view. Players can use the taxi anywhere and go to places that require their presence to complete missions assigned to them. Not only that, they can also travel in style and save money using the OKA surfer, an electric scooter that can be used as a means of transport but be cautious as the battery of it might wear out.

Aside from traveling around the city, the combat mechanics of the game were revealed as it still utilizes the same concept as its predecessor. However, newer functions have been and one of them is known as Heat Tag Actions. In this feature, players can use unique skills that focus on certain individual skills depending on who is active in their party.

With many details revealed about Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth, fans will be delighted as more news and details will be revealed soon on SEGA’s social media platforms. Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth is set to be released on January 26, 2024, for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC (via Steam).

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