Like a Dragon: Ishin Large Man Boss Fight Guide (Chapter 2)

How to defeat the Large Man in Like a Dragon: Ishin!

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The Large Man is one of the bosses that players will encounter in Like a Dragon: Ishin! After he rudely barges into the bath and interrupts Ryoma’s meeting with the Bathkeeper of Sai, he challenges Ryoma in a one-on-one naked fight.

Read ahead as we go through the Large Man’s boss fight in Chapter 2 in Like a Dragon: Ishin!

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How to beat the Large Man in Like a Dragon: Ishin! Chapter 2

The fight against the Large Man happens in the middle part of Chapter 2 during Ryoma’s meeting with the Bathkeeper of Sai inside a bathhouse.

Since both Ryoma and the Large Man are naked during the fight, you will only be able to fight using the Brawler style. The Large Man packs quite a punch, but some of his heavy attacks have long wind-up animations that you can take advantage of. You can easily anticipate these attacks and dodge them accordingly.

One useful technique to get out of harm’s way is to learn the Komaki Dharma Tumbler which allows you to dodge and roll to safety. This move can be learned by completing the Komaki dojo side quest which can be done by visiting the south dojo in Kyo after getting outside of the Teradaya Inn for the first time.

Due to how big the Large Man is as compared to Ryoma, grabbing him may prove challenging. The best strategy to go for is to dodge his attacks, especially his combos, and then punish him with a counter-attack right after. Be on the lookout for his special attack; once you see him winding his arm and blue sparks start appearing, do not parry, but dodge immediately. Getting caught by this special attack will stun you for a few seconds.

Remember that despite being butt-naked, you can still access your inventory mid-fight and use any medicine that you’ve brought in case you are low on health.

Once the Large Man’s health goes down to around 40%, a grabbing showdown will commence, prompting a QTE. If you get the QTE, you’ll be able to slam the Large Man to the ground and deal a lot of damage, otherwise, you take a lot of damage.

Once you defeat the Large Man, you’ll receive a loincloth as a reward. In the succeeding cutscene, the Large Man will reveal that he’s actually Saigo Kichinosuke, the commander of the Satsuma Army.

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