Like a Dragon: Ishin Masked Man Boss Fight Guide (Chapter 1)

Strategies on How to defeat the Masked Man in Like a Dragon: Ishin!

Like a Dragon: Ishin! Masked Man cover

Masked Man is one of the bosses that players will encounter in Like a Dragon: Ishin! The Masked Man is the mysterious assassin who was sent by someone to eliminate Yoshida Toyo.

Read ahead as we go through the Masked Man’s boss fight in Chapter one of Like a Dragon: Ishin!

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How to beat the Masked Man in Like a Dragon: Ishin! Chapter 1

The Masked Man fight happens in the latter part of chapter 1 after Ryoma manages to get out of the Kochi Castle.

The Masked Man is quite a tough opponent as he will almost always be on guard and can also parry your attacks. It’s almost impossible to complete a combo chain against him as he’ll break it after 2 to 3 attacks.

On the other hand, the Masked Man can do long combo attacks that can take a lot of health if left unguarded against. The best time to strike back is after a successful parry or after a combo that did not connect.

Use either Swordsman or Wild Dancer to be able to counter the Masked Man’s strikes. Going for the Gunman nor the Brawler styles won’t help as much as the Masked Man will be too aggressive and can easily break your attacks, plus parrying or blocking would be harder.

Remember that you can take medicine in case you’re low on health while in the middle of the fight.

You only need to lower the Masked Man’s health to 60%, after which you’ll have to do a QTE. The fight then ends with the Masked Man fleeing away from the castle.

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