Lords of the Fallen Technical Showcase Trailer Released

A promising game upgraded with Unreal Engine 5!

CI Games has now released a Lords of the Fallen Technical Showcase Trailer.

Lords of the Fallen will cast players as one of the fabled Dark Crusaders. Their mission is to overthrow the demon God named Adyr. The trailer features the players’ journey to Skyrest Bridge, which is one of the earliest locations of the game.

The showcase was shown at GDC just recently as part of Epic’s State of Unreal keynote. It also shows other features like character customization, armor builds, lighting, and its interconnected world.

lords of the fallen technical showcase trailer

Lords of the Fallen will be set more than a thousand years after the events of the original game. It will have a world five times larger than the previous one. Players can travel between worlds: Axiom the realm of the living and Umbral, the realm of the dead.

Lords of the Fallen launches later this year on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.