Lords of the Fallen: How to Beat Pieta

She Of Blessed Renewal Boss Fight Guide

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Pieta, is the first major boss in Lords of the Fallen. In this guide, I will provide you with tips and strategies on how to beat her in the game.

Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal, is a Heresy Boss in Lords of the Fallen. You need to beat Pieta’s boss form before you can upgrade your Sanguinarix. Encountering her early in the game means you are still gearing up, which means that this is a tough boss fight. I’ll teach you the easiest way to beat Pieta in Lords of the Fallen .

How to Beat Pieta

In order to beat Pieta, one must understand her weaknesses and strengths. You’ll encounter her early in the game before you even reach the Skyrest Bridge hub so most upgrades aren’t available yet. She is powerful and capable of downing players in just two hits. Follow the right strategies and you can easily overcome this boss fight:

  • Pieta has two phases in the battle. Be mindful when using your three Sanguinarix since they’re limited.
  • At the start of the fight, Pieta mainly uses physical attacks. But as her health drops, she starts using more magical attacks. Avoiding attacks is important.
  • If the fight seems too challenging, players can summon an NPC to help. This NPC is the Iron Wayfarer, he has good HP and he can distract Pieta, and buffs players to deal more damage. However, Pieta becomes stronger when he is summoned.
  • Pieta is vulnerable to Burn and Wither attacks.
  • With precise parries, you can stagger her, making it easier to land hits.
Lords of the Fallen How to beat Pieta - First Phase: multiple-hit combos
  • On her first phase, she has a bunch of combos that are easy to dodge. The biggest trouble is that the radius of her attack is almost a complete circle meaning that even if you’re behind her, she’ll still hit you.
  • Pieta has a multiple-hit combos that can either be two or four strikes. When dodging, wait for a split second on the last attack to see if she’ll follow up. If not, step in and attack her before quickly backing away.
  • Pieta also has a charge attack where light will flow from below the ground she strikes at. Once she uses that charge attack, get behind her while she’s charging the ground to blow and strike continuously. The explosion of light won’t hit you from behind. This is the ideal time to spam attacks on her.
  • At a distance, Pieta will use ranged attacks. One of which is a dangerous and fast beam of light that can deplete you from full health to near zero which is barely telegraphed.
  • The other one has her summon swords from the ground like stalagmites that slowly hone in on you which is easy to dodge.
Lords of the Fallen How to beat Pieta - Second Phase: hail of conjured swords
  • Once you wither down Pieta’s health to two-thirds she’ll enter her second phase. In the second phase, Pieta will transform into a four-winged angel. She’ll not only be more aggressive but have new added attacks that make her much more of a challenge to beat.
  • Look out for is this lunging attack where she retreats to the back of the arena before charging forward. A hail of conjured swords will soon follow her. You can avoid this by going to the far left or right corners of the boss arena.
  • When Pieta approaches you, she’ll either do a two or four-swing combo. Like phase 1, dodge these and wait for an opening to strike her a few times before breaking the engagement.
  • Pieta will eventually conjure a spectral image of herself to do an attack once but will disappear after. Dodge this attack when you notice a yellow silhouette is about to come out of Pieta.
  • Like the first phase, Pieta can summon swords to pop out from the ground and hone in on you. However this time there are two of them. Dodging out of the way is easy since they’re slow.
  • Pieta will also conjure two clones in the latter half of the second phase fight who will do a variety of attacks you need to avoid. The first time will most likely be to charge at you from the back of the arena while summoning swords to rain down on the path. The best way to avoid this is at the sides of the arena but watch out as Pieta will follow up with an attack.
  • Watch out for when Pieta’s clones raise their swords to the air and immediately dodge roll. They will fire a light beam of laser at you that could be a one-hit kill.
  • After you beat Pieta, enter the Umbral and interact with Pieta’s memory. Soulflay the Stigma to obtain the rewards.
Lords of the Fallen Pieta Boss Fight Rewards

Defeating Pieta rewards you with 1 Vestige Seed and 8 Umbral Scouring. You’ll also get the Remembrance of Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal, which can be exchanged for her armor and weapon in Skyrest Bridge hub, where she will become an NPC who will help you with Sanguinarix upgrades in exchange for Saintly Quintessence moving forward.