Lords of the Fallen (2023) Reject’s Blade Location

The Reject's Blade in Lords of the Fallen is a is a low-stamina-cost fist weapon designed for brawlers. Here's how players can find it.

Lords of the Fallen fist weapon Reject's Blade

The Reject’s Blade is one of the Lords of the Fallen fist weapons you can get early in the game. This weapon is perfect for brawlers who prefer weapons that don’t cost that much stamina to use. I’ve made this guide to show you how to get the Reject’s Blade in the game.

Where to find the Reject’s Blade

The Reject’s Blade can be found just outside of the Sanctuary of Baptism, where you fought Scourged Sister Delyth. Fast travel to the Vestige of Chabui and enter Umbral. Descend down the stairs, and you’ll notice a massive arm just in front of you acting as a platform between the two wooden beams. Cross this platform to the end, and you’ll find the Reject’s Blade on a corpse.

You can only get the Reject’s Blade in the Umbral Realm. The big arm that forms the bridge between the two wooden beams isn’t passable in the Axiom realm. You’ll immediately see the giant hand upon exiting the Sanctuary of Baptism in Umbral.

Lords of the Fallen - Giant hand outside of Sanctuary of Baptism

Exit the Sanctuary of Baptism and climb the stairs to the left. At the top, carefully drop down to the wooden beam sticking out from beneath you, leading to the huge umbral arm. Keep going straight instead of climbing the arm itself.

Lords of the Fallen - where to drop for the Reject's Blade

Be careful, as there is an enemy that casts ranged attacks at the end. You can surprise them from behind if you’re careful. After dealing with that enemy, turn left, and at the end of the wooden platform is a corpse with an item you can pick up. This is the Reject’s Blade, and it’s now yours.

The Reject Blade is one of the many fist weapons in Lords of the Fallen. It’s a stabbing weapon with a handle and a sharp blade at the front. What it lacks in reach it makes up for being easy on your stamina.