Lost Soul Aside Acquires New Publisher

New trailer showcases more badass gameplay.

Ulti Zero Games recently announced online that its upcoming video game Lost Soul Aside has gained a new publisher.

Lost Soul Aside, one of the games that are under the China Hero Project, has gotten a new trailer showcasing more content. It features various cutscenes and gameplay from the game, which were not seen in previous videos that were released by its developer, Ulti Zero Games.

This video gives fans of the game hope that development is going strong and there could be a new announcement on the horizon, a release date maybe. Today though, the developers have another announcement, a big one.

It was confirmed that Sony Interactive Entertainment will publish Lost Soul Aside, which has now sealed the deal that it will be a PS5 console exclusive. The video did say that it was captured on the PC, so the game could be coming to the PC platform too.

lost soul aside

The developers have confirmed that there will be more updates and details to be shared in the near future.

Lost Soul Aside is still in development.