Marvels: Avengers New Updates Coming Up

Marvels: Avengers is about to add up new missions that will inspire players to go back. Square Enix at E3 2021 showcases the upcoming three new updates: Cosmic Cube, Wasteland Patrol, and War For Wakanda. All updates coming at 2021.

  • Cosmic Cube – to be released this June. Assemble a team for an epic fight against the scientist supreme creating the ultimate weapon that can bend reality to her will. Defeat the scientist supreme and save the future!
  • Wasteland Patrol – stop the coming apocalypse this summer and beyond. This update will come with a new Patrol Mode with randomized and replayable boss fights and exploration based rewards.
  • War For Wakanda – fight for Wakanda in this new expansion as the Black Panther fights to defend his people.