Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Story is Linear but Choices Have Consequences

Eidos Montreal Narrative Director Mary DeMarle recently explained how their Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy works in terms of making choices.

DeMarle first made it clear that the story of GotG the game is linear and will not have any branching stories or multiple endings. Everyone gets the same end, but it will have a “very compelling, very emotionally driven” story. However, there are choices to be made within the game and it will affect the gameplay in either a small or big way.

The Narrative Director gave an example with a particular mission where the Guardians attempt to sell Lady Hellbender a “monster.” The gameplay changes either with Groot or Rocket being offered up. They could play a vital role in changing the defenses of the fortress, for example.

marvels guardians of the galaxy

We’re opening up and we’re closing gameplay paths in that way, even to the fact that as you go through the story, by the time you get to that final climactic battle, some of the decisions you’ve made will change who are the secret weapons that you have in your arsenal as you’re going into that final battle, that final thing. So they pay off in small ways, sometimes they pay off immediately. Sometimes they pay off in very big ways, unexpectedly, a little down the line.

The same ending with everyone else might be a bit boring, but the choices you make along the way affects gameplay would at least spice things up a bit.

Marvel’s Guardian of the Galaxy will launch on October 26, 2021 for PlayStation 5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

Interview source: Well Played