Marvel’s Iron Man VR Had Foundations Ready but Challenges Were Still Met

Marvels Iron Man VR

The beauty of creating a video game adaptation is its established history, which is the basis of its foundation. There is no need to create a whole new story from scratch and developers could just pluck some details from the foundation and use it for the games they want to make. This is the case with upcoming virtual reality game Marvel’s Iron Man VR since it is based from a very popular Marvel character Iron Man.

Camouflaj Studio Founder Ryan Payton reveals the how they used the story of Tony Stark as a foundation and the difficulties they met despite having the advantage.

Payton revealed that while the freedom and creativity to make a new IP is really fun, it also has its flaws. Developers must make new ideas first because there is no foundation to use. This is why he liked working with Marvel since what they were creating already has an incredible foundation. The main character was one of the most popular superheroes in the world, and Marvel also supported them all the way.

The game actually kind of designed itself with the foundations of Iron Man as a franchise. When the developers thought of what could make the ultimate Iron Man VR game, they thought of using repulsors, thrusters, the iconic HUD, the super AI Friday, and the ability to customize Tony Stark’s armor in the garage.

Payton confessed the development team met some challenges in making the upcoming VR game. They wanted to create a game where they did not follow the common formula: an origin story and not try to copy a whole story from the series. They wanted to balance everything out so that players would still get surprised, but also enjoy what Iron Man is all about. They can see the significance and could make comparisons from the game and the comics.

Marvel’s Iron Man VR is coming to PS VR this coming July 3.

Interview source: 8-Bit Island

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