Marvel’s Iron Man VR Reveals Info on Combat, Environments, Stark’s Garage, and More

Marvels Iron Man VR

Marvel’s Iron Man VR will launch soon and with it new information has been revealed on official channels. Here are some of the important features the game offers.

Camouflaj Director Ryan Payton recently took to PlayStation Blog to reveal some new information about the upcoming VR game. He revealed that they have built it as a robust PlayStation VR-exclusive action game with a deeply meaningful Tony Stark story. The team thought that the campaign would only span 4-5 hours, but recent playtest data shows that the average playtimes are now roughly double the numbers.

The development team has created huge, great looking environments to fly around at top speeds. This was one of the biggest challenges Camouflaj had to overcome. Getting texture streaming to keep pace with Iron Man’s super speed was a complex technical hurdle for them, but they got it right. There are now several familiar landscapes that players will encounter in this game like the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helcarrier, Shanghai (the most ambitious environment), and the Star Facility. There are more environments to encounter as well.

Combat has been shown in the demo, but here is an overview of the game’s baseline mechanics. Boost is how players flying at higher speeds, but this time around the developers have increased the frequency in the full game. Rocket punch is the melee attack of Iron Man in this game, which can be comboed with another attack. Auxiliary weapons can be unlocked by spending Research Points at the Armor Station. Ground Pound allows players to descend on enemies at high speeds. Unibeam is a high level attack that can be fired out of Iron Man’s Chest.

Tony’s Garage and Armor Station is where players upgrade the Impulse Armor, make augments and auxiliary weapons. Interaction is all done with intuitive 3D interface, making players feels they are Tony Stark.

Players will get to meet familiar characters from the Marvel universe like Pepper Potts, Nick Fury, and FRIDAY. There are more but Camouflaj is keeping that under wraps for now.

Marvel’s Iron Man VR will launch on July 3 for PlayStation VR.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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