Marvel’s Midnight Suns Originally Planned To Have 25 Heroes

It was difficult to manage with 25 heroes so they had to cut it in half.

According to new details shared online, Marvel’s Midnight Suns initially had around 25 heroes.

The game’s final version officially had 12 characters from the Avengers and Midnight Suns. It had additional characters but they were added post-launch like Deadpool. Director Jake Solomon now revealed their original plan. He also explained why they had to go for half of the original number.

It was revealed by Solomon to PCGamesN that making it 12 characters was easier to manage in the game. It was easier to give dialogue to the Marvel characters compared to 25, which was too many to handle.

“I could make the case for probably 50 or 60 heroes,” explained Solomon. “I’d be super excited to tell their stories and excited to make them bounce off of each other. My executive producer showed me our initial roster for the game. And it was like 25 heroes. And it was ridiculous. He was like, ‘we’re never going to be able to make this many heroes and all this stuff.”

Solomon then revealed an interesting tidbit. The team actually wanted to add the explosive card wielder Gambit since the game used a card system.

“We gave him some very serious consideration,” Solomon explained. “because you can make a case for him in a supernatural game, but like also the card thing… he just fits right.”

Solomon did not share the reason for not going through it, but it could be due to Firaxis’ future plans including him in a new wave of DLC. The first batch did not include him, but the possible second one could.

marvel's midnight suns

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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