Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 FNSM App Requests Guide

Every FNSM App request in Marvel's Spider-Man 2 will be outlined in this guide, along with detailed instructions on how to complete them.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 FNSM App Requests Featured Image

The FNSM (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man) App is a direct way for the people of New York to pass along any requests for the Spider-Men in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. App requests pop up from time to time as concerned citizens look for aid. And while there are only half a dozen requests throughout the game, they are spread out in such a way that you can only finish the requests well into the story.

In this guide, I’ll tell you when the requests first become available and how you can complete them in their entirety.

Find Grandpa FNSM Request Walkthrough

  • Reward: 600 XP, 2x Hero Tokens, 200 Tech Parts

Find Grandpa is the very first request that most players will see in the game. This one can be found in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn. It can be started as soon as you finish the ‘One Thing at A Time’ main story mission.

In this request, concerned granddaughter Tasha needs help looking for her grandfather, Earl. She hands you a photo of a zoo close to your location. That’s going to be your first stop in this investigation. (The minimap will show you where you need to go.)

Look for a bouquet of flowers by the sea lion pool. Analyze it while holding down on [L2]. This will point you in the direction of your next clue.

The next place you need to go is the Botanical Gardens. Grandpa Earl left behind his inhaler on top of a pedestal. Tasha starts to worry even more upon finding this out. But it does give you a way to track down Grandpa Earl.

A series of analysis minigames will appear in which you’ll have to destroy corrupted atoms while keeping essential ones intact. It’s okay to mess up here. You can always go back a step and choose another atom to eliminate from the formula.

The final step requires you to follow the trail of chemicals that’ll lead you to Grandpa Earl. You’ll find him sitting on a bench next to a statue by the lake. The request ends with you sitting next to him, listening to his story while waiting for Tasha.

Rooftop Fireworks FNSM Request Walkthrough

  • Reward: 600 XP, 2x Hero Tokens, 200 Tech Parts

This request literally starts with a fireworks show in the middle of the day. Mike and Henry are seen launching fireworks in honor of their dead brother, Lex. What they don’t know is that the fireworks are defective, causing Mike to suffer a brief concussion. Spider-Man brings him to a nearby hospital just to be safe.

Mike gives you the location where he bought the fireworks. The people selling need to be stopped, or else more people could get hurt.

Upon arriving at the docks, you have the option to open up the fight stealthfully or in a flurry of Spider-Man punches. If you’re looking to take down anyone early, I suggest going for the brute first and the pair of shooters. The street lamps overhead provide an excellent vantage point to store bad guys.

The fight causes a box of defective fireworks to ignite. Spider-Man has a few seconds to deal with it before the whole dock blows up in one colorful explosion. Spider-Man decides to toss the crate into the river, but not before it lights up a couple of more crates. The mission ends with Spider-Man tossing the rest of the stock over the river.

Photo Help FNSM Request Walkthrough

  • Reward: 800 XP, 2x Hero Tokens, 200 Tech Parts

Accessible after completing the ‘Science Buddy’ main story mission, this request comes from Mina in Midtown. She wants to be a real photojournalist one day, and she’s hoping to get candid shots of Spider-Man like the one taken by Peter Parker.

After seeing the old newspaper, Peter begins to reminisce about the time he submitted the photo to J. Jonah Jameson.

In this memory, Peter is biking his way down Fifth, avoiding traffic and whatever else New York City throws at him. He’s desperate to get to the bugle before Triple J finishes his coffee break.

For this section, you’ll need to dodge and weave traffic, avoid crates of fish falling off a truck, and then bum-rush some road construction. A crazy idea for anyone but a New Yorker!

Peter then decides to cut through Washington Square Park. There, he witnessed a bunch of thugs mugging an innocent civilian. Being the friendly neighbor Peter Parker, he decides to teach the thugs a lesson—at the cost of ruining the photos he was going to present JJJ. All except one. The memory ends with Peter running as if his life depended on it and giving the iconic picture to his future boss.

In the end, Spider-Man tells Mina that she shouldn’t go chasing Peter’s shadow. She should learn to go after what she wants, and if that doesn’t work out, find another way.

Howard FNSM Request Walkthrough

  • Reward: 800 XP, 2x Hero Tokens, 200 Tech Parts

Found in the Financial District after completing the ‘Science Buddy’ main story mission, this request comes from everybody’s pigeon lover, Howard. After sitting with Spider-Man for a bit, he tells him that he is going on an adventure.

Howard will describe objects and moments to you, and you have to point the camera in the general direction to progress the conversation. After a while, Howard tells Spider-Man that he’s going on an adventure. And that he wants to set Pidgy and the flock free, preferably someplace north.

Starting from the waterfront, Spider-Man starts heading north for a new place for Pidgy to call home. After flying over the river, he eventually narrows it down to a wooded area near Peter’s home in Queens.

The mission ends with Howard expressing his thanks one last time.

Graffiti Trouble FNSM Request Walkthrough

  • Reward: 800 XP, 2x Hero Tokens, 200 Tech Parts

Miles Morales only. This side mission becomes accessible after completing the ‘Funky’ main story mission. A concerned citizen in Little Odessa reported that some graffiti was sprayed near their place of business. But when Spider-Man arrives at the scene, he discovers something that’s far more pleasing to the eyes.

It turns out someone else came along and painted over the tag. It didn’t take long for Spider-Man to figure out who was behind the fix. It was Hailey who fixed the tagged walls, and she had quite the story to tell.

In this retelling of recent events, we see a little bit of how Hailey interacts with the world. There is deeply muffled audio in this segment, quite fitting for the character. Surprisingly, her thoughts take the form of emotes.

If you’ve ever played Infamous: Second Son, then the controls will be somewhat familiar to you. You begin by shaking your controller, or in this case, a spray can, until it is full. You will then slowly guide the on-screen to its desired destination via your left joystick. Hailey’s expression will tell you if you are doing a great job. However, there is some room to make mistakes.

The shopkeeper thanks you for the beautiful artwork and points you in the direction of other graffiti. Hailey to paint over that one as well. After she’s done with that piece, she spots the troubled youth tagging the rooftop of a building.

The makeshift elevator on the construction site is the best way to get up there. But for some reason, none of the elevators take her to where she needs to go.

To solve the first elevator puzzle, you’ll need to ride the elevator down, and once on the ground, walk back to the second floor and use the top of the elevator to gain access to the neighboring building.

Once you’re on the second scaffolding platform, make your way to the elevator at the back. The controls to move the elevator are on the wall. Press the button to lower the elevator. Now, walk on the elevator’s roof and then throw a rock to press the button again. This will bring you to where you need to go. Climb over the cement bag to get to the roof.

Hailey confronts the frustrated youth. Hailey can tell that the tagger has talent and, with a little push in the right direction, maybe set them on the right path of becoming an artist.

The flashback ends with a new prospect potentially joining Hailey’s art coalition. A few seconds later, Spider-Man swung in, and we’re right back where we started.

Monster in Queens FNSM Request Walkthrough

  • Reward: 800 XP, 2x Hero Tokens, 200 Tech Parts

If you’re staying on top of all of the substories, Monser in Queens should be the last FNSM request on your to-do list. This mission is unlocked after completing the ‘Wings of My Own’ main story mission. Alma, our sender, claims there is something in her backyard. Something big. Spider-Man brings up the possibility of it being a stray or rat, but Alma quickly shoots down the theory on account of her allergies.

Spider-Man agrees to help her find out what is causing the damage.

A quick inspection of the backyard revealed something had rampaged through there. And it was leaking. Spider-Man analyzes the scene and figures that the only way to resolve this one is to track the creature down. (Use the image above in case you’re having trouble with the solution.)

The trail leads to a junkyard on the outskirts of town. It would look as though one of the Hunter’s Beasts is responsible for all the property destruction. An arrow is sticking out of it, indicating a fallout between it and its former masters. Spider-Man tries to get more answers by interfacing with it. Unfortunately, the beast did not take kindly to Spider-Man’s presence. The information would have been lost if Ganke hadn’t uploaded 10 million random dog videos to its database. That’s one way of doing it. Oh, and its name is now FIDO.

Ganke tries to take a peek in the beast’s logs, but the hunters track down the signal, and FIDO freaks out. It chases after the Talon Drones while dragging Spider-Man across town. The chase ends in a church courtyard, where a squad of hunters lies in wait. Spider-Man takes down the squad hunting Fido.

With all ties cut from the Hunters, Fido starts a new life as a guide dog for Alma. Hey, this good boy won’t be triggering any allergies. Unless they’re metal-related.

And that’s the final FNSM request done in Spider-Man 2. I hope it was useful to you in some way. Don’t forget that completing all of the requests will unlock the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Silver trophy.

And that’s everything I have to say about the FNSM requests in Spider-Man 2. This is definitely one of the best pieces of content outside of the main missions the game has to offer. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Later, Spider-peeps.