Mass Effect Legendary Edition Infographic Reveals Interesting Facts and Player Choices

The infographic actually shows how players make their choices in the game.

Game studio BioWare has recently shared the infographic for video game collection Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

The infographic holds some interesting details like some odd facts about the game and the choices that the players made. Those choices cover from the choice of gender of Commander Shepard to the route that players chose.

Most players chose to be male as their commander and a lot chose to be a soldier instead of the other military specializations offered. A lot were Earthborn and were survivors for the psychological profile.

Wrex must be a popular character because he survived the mission on Virmire and players made sure to that. Also, a lot of players chose to rescue Ashley instead of Kaidan.

Interestingly enough, there were some odd choices done. Players actually punched the reporter from a certain part of the trilogy. Also, a lot of players actually took way too long to find the last Keeper.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition infographic is a fun read. The game collection is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Check the infographic below. Warning, it’s a long read.

mass effect legendary edition infographic