Meet Your Maker Trophy Guide & How to Get Platinum

Here's what you need to know about the potential trophy run for Meet Your Maker

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Meet Your Maker is the latest game from Behaviour Interactive, makers of the long-running Dead By Daylight. In this game, you play as a Custodian of the Chimera, a living experiment created to ensure the survival of life on Earth. Genetic Material (or Genmat for short) is key to everything. And the ones who possess it have the right to evolve to the next stage.

Similar to the spirit of Dead by Daylight, the gameplay is split between setting up traps and AI guards to protect your spoils of conquest and infiltrating others’ outposts to gather more of the precious resource. Both tasks should prove to be intense in this winner takes all game of survival.

This trophy guide will tell you everything you need to know about getting the Platinum trophy for Meet Your Maker. It is worth noting that the game is mostly online and trophy progress only counts if you interact with player-created outposts and vice versa.

As a reminder, Meet Your Maker releases Day One for free on the PlayStation Plus service. Players who want to try it out before deciding to purchase it can play it first from the service. They will have access to the game as long as the player has an active PlayStation Plus subscription.

There are 44 trophies to earn in Meet Your Maker:

  • 1 Platinum trophy
  • 3 Gold trophies
  • 10 Silver trophies
  • 30 Bronze trophies

Meet Your Maker Trophy List

Platinum Trophy

  • The Grand Custodian: Earn all trophies

Gold Trophies

  • Raid Master: Successfully steal GenMat and escape 50 raids
  • Slaughterhouse: View 50 Skull Stones in your Outposts
  • Lord of the Wastes: Activate 25 Outposts

Silver Trophies

  • Path of the Chimera: Reach the Chimera’s maximum weekly tribute level
  • Armed and Dangerous: Reach level 10 with the Weapons Advisor
  • Quartermaster: Reach level 10 with the Hardware Advisor
  • Suit Up!: Reach level 10 with the Suits Advisor
  • Creature Comforts: Reach level 10 with the Guards Advisor
  • Deathtrap: Reach level 10 with the Traps Advisor
  • GenMat Defender: Activate 10 Outposts
  • Wonder o the Wasteland: Reach maximum Prestige on an Outpost
  • Critical Acclaim: Grant 100 Accolades to other builders
  • Wasteland Engineering: Craft Hardware 100 times

Bronze Trophies

  • Feed the Beast: Reach level two with the Chimera
  • Raid and Deliver: Escape an Outpost with GenMat for the first time
  • Fully Loaded: Fully upgrade a ranged weapon
  • Up Close and Personal: Fully upgrade a melee weapon
  • On Guard: Fully upgrade a defensive weapon
  • All the Trappings: Purchase 4 mods
  • Genetic Engineering: Purchase 7 augmentations
  • Dress for Success: Fully upgrade 1 suit
  • BOOM!: Destroy 3 traps and/or guards with a single Blast Grenade
  • Trail of Destruction: Destroy 3 traps and guards within 1.5 seconds
  • Up and At’m: Revive fellow Custodians 5 times in co-op
  • Deadshot: Perform 10 headshots
  • Partners in Crime: Successfully steal GenMat and escape a raid in co-op
  • Meet Another Maker: Activate your Outpost with a co-op partner
  • So It Begins: Activate your first Outpost
  • Monument of Death: Prestige an Outpost
  • Knowledge is Power: Watch 1 replay
  • Excavator: Destroy 15 Forsaken Tombs
  • Give It Your All: Process all 5 Advisors at once
  • Unlimited Power!: Boost all 5 Advisors at the same time
  • Life of the Party: Grant 20 Fun Accolades
  • No Quarter: Grant 20 Brutal Accolades
  • Killer Brains: Grant 20 Ingenious Accolades
  • You Belong in a Museum: Grant 20 Artistic Accolades
  • Raider’s Pilgrimage: Complete a progression track on the Raid Map
  • Transcendental: Activate a rank 1 Boost three times
  • Overclocked: Activate a rank 2 Boost twice
  • Higher Power: Activate a rank 3 Boost
  • No Quarrel With You: Complete 20 raids with the enemy Harvester still alive
  • The Floor is Lava: Don’t touch the ground for 60 seconds

Hidden trophies:

  • Give It Your All
  • Unlimited Power!
  • No Quarrel With You
  • The Floor is Lava

The platinum run for Meet Your Maker is somewhat reasonable. We say this because the developers could have turned it into a live service and make us spend hundreds of hours to get Platinum. It hasn’t happened so far but the potential is still there once the game officially launches.

Regardless of you feel about it, you will need to devote dozens of hours to get the most out of the trophies. Surprisingly, the Path of the Chimera Silver trophy is looking to be ok at least from what we see from player activity. It requires you to reach the maximum Tribute level for the week, and a handful of players have already gotten it pre-release. This is a good sign.

The vast majority of the trophies in Meet Your Maker can be obtained just by naturally playing the game while steadily getting better at it.

One of the trophy sets requires you to grant Accolades to other builders. Think of it as giving props to a well-received and well-designed death trap. There is Life of the Party for Gun Accolades, No Quarter for Brutal Accolades, and Killer Brains for Ingenious Accolades. To get the Critical Acclaim Gold trophy, you’ll need to grant 100 Accolades to other builders. This ultimately boils down to when you can Grant Accolades. Is it after trying a dungeon, successfully escaping, or a post-mortem congratulations! We don’t know quite yet. But it looks like you’ll be spending as much time dungeon crawling as you are designing one.

There is a trio of Bronze trophies that require you to play cooperatively with another player to unlock. These include: Up and At’m, Partners in Crime, and Meet Another Maker. Up and At’m just requires you to revive your partner at least 5 times. It doesn’t have to be in the same outpost, it seems. Partners in Crime asks you to successfully steal GenMat and escape a raid in co-op. And finally, Meet Another Maker only asks you to activate your Outpost in the presence of a co-op partner. Nothing special but they are necessary to get Platinum in the game.

And lastly, we have the concept of Prestige in Meet Your Maker. If the Prestige system is anything like the one in Dead By Daylight, players might be asked to reach the max level first before prestiging. The act itself could put you really close to getting many of the remaining trophies, if not over the top.

And that’s everything we have on this Meet Your Maker trophy guide. Should there be any updates to this trophy run, we will update this article as soon as we know them. In the meantime, enjoy the early days of the game’s release and try not to make it too impossible for any intruders. Though that may be out of your control most of the time. Good luck, trophy hunters.

Check out this Day 1 Release Trailer courtesy of the PlayStation YouTube channel.

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