Metal Gear Solid Voice Actor David Hayter Says Remake is Happening According to his Insider

Long time voice actor of Metal Gear Solid Snake David Hayter recently shared some interesting news in regards to the rumored possible remake of the game.

metal gear solid

Hayter was recently interviewed by Dan Allen Gaming in a more than 2 hours video discussing a lot of things like gaming, TV, movies, and more. At the 45-minute mark, the host started asking Hayter if he was still able to retain his voice of Solid Snake when he was younger since it changed as the hero got older. The voice actor easily brought out his younger version voice of Solid Snake in the interview and stated that he could easily do it again.

After that part, Dan Allen Gaming mentioned that there was this rumor that MGS games are going to be remade, as it was reported by Sirus Gaming two days ago. Hayter then confirmed that his trusted insider shared to him that a remake is indeed coming but he does not know when it will be announced.

If Hayter is confident that his insider is saying the truth, then it is possible we will be getting a remake coming later. It is a matter of time before game company Konami will be officially confirming this to the gaming community and the fans in particular. The game company has also renewed the trademarks for Castlevania and Metal Gear Solid, so that should be of some significance at least.

Is it really happening? Are we finally getting a remake of the Metal Gear Solid series?

Here’s the full interview with David Hayter and check the 45 minute mark for the MGS mention: