Canyon Walkthrough – Metal Gear Solid 1 (Master Collection)

A complete guide for the events in the Canyon level of Metal Gear Solid.

Metal Gear Solid Canyon cover

Canyon is the sixth area in Metal Gear Solid. Now that two of the passwords are on terrorists’ hands, Snake’s objective has now changed to look for Hal Emmerich who has the killcodes that will prevent the launch of the nuclear warheads.

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Coming out from the tank hangar, you’ll find yourself back outdoors. You will receive a call shortly after from a guy who only introduces himself as Deepthroat. He also gives you a tip to use the Mine Detector and equip it to get an idea of where the hidden mines are. Once done, the mines will appear on the minimap as red dots with yellow cones. Also, Deepthroat will tell you about a tank up ahead.

Take the ration on the west side of the map, then move across the snow while avoiding the mines. A cutscene will then play, showing the tank that is guarding your path forward.

This tank has laser accuracy with its artillery shots, so don’t even bother charging and hoping to evade these shots. You can try and crawl using the trenches as cover to get closer to the tank, at which point it will stop shooting artillery and start firing smaller bullets. The most effective way to cross the hill is to throw a chaff grenade towards where the tank is, as it will mask your location from the tank’s targeting system. This tip will be given to you by Meryl after some failed attempts.

Boss Fight: M1 Tank

In this boss fight, you will be fighting against Raven, or at least the tank that he is driving. A henchman will be using a gun from the turret of the tank to fire at you in bursts. The tank can also deal damage by running over you if you get close to it.

To defeat the M1 Tank, you will need to throw a grenade at it, making sure that the grenade lands on the top of the turret, where the henchman can be hit by the explosion. The damage that a single grenade can do will depend on how close it explodes to the henchman. Once the boss’ health goes down to <50%, the boss will get angry, and it can now slightly make the turret turn a bit faster than before.

The turret of the tank is quite easy to avoid, as long as you have a visual on it, so try to keep a close and safe distance. Also, the speed of how it turns is slow enough that you can outrun it just by running around the tank, even on the second phase. There are also some ammo packs and rations nearby, should you ever need to top up on ammo and health.

After defeating the M1 Tank, Raven comes out of it still alive, and he talks to someone over the phone about how Snake is a force to be reckoned with.