Microsoft to Lay off Thousands of Jobs Soon According to Report (Update)

Microsoft has officially replied to the report as well.

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“Gaming is impacted by the layoffs which likely includes people on my team”, Xbox Growth and Loyalty Principal Engineer Gary Waliczek said in a tweet he posted recently that got deleted afterward.

According to Jason Schreier in a recent Bloomberg article, some Xbox and Bethesda employees will be affected by the layoffs too.

Original article below:

A new report claims that the tech giant Microsoft will soon let go of thousands of employees.

According to a new report by Sky News, it is claimed that at least 11,000 employees are expected to be laid off this week. The tech and gaming giant is set to undergo a fresh round of cost-cutting. This will be five percent of the company’s overall workforce as it employs around 220,000 individuals globally.

In an official statement released by Microsoft to Sky News, it said that it “does not comment on rumor or speculation.”

The report did not specify which jobs will be gone after this week. It did not say which territories will be affected either. Bloomberg reports Microsoft intends to cut off various jobs in the engineering division. The gaming division appears to be not affected by the layoffs. (Check update above)

Last year, Microsoft also did the same by cutting off hundreds of positions. This included some of the team members that have worked in the Xbox division.

Various other technology companies have also done the same like Unity, Meta, and Amazon. This is in response to the recent forecasts of the global economic slowdown that is predicted to happen later this year.