Midnight Suns Release Date, Box Art and More Seemingly Leak

This new leak seems to reveal a lot of information about the game especially the contents of the three editions.

Midnight Suns release date, box art, and more seemingly get leaked online.

Midnight Suns Release Date and More Gets Leaked

The leak comes from Twitter user Nils Ahrensmeier. He shared a lot of details about the upcoming game’s launch, box art, versions, and a lot more. Surprisingly, his post got the DMCA and all of the images he shared got blocked, but he did share another link of the images later on.

According to Nils, this is not technically a leak because he got his information from a retailer. It seems that retailer has shared the information ahead of the intended schedule. He did not reveal the name of the retailer because it might get into trouble. He clarified that this information was not hacked because he accessed the server without using any passwords or anything.

Release Date

The first and important information Nils shared was the released date. According to the post, Midnight Suns release date is October 6, 2022. This definitely confirms the rumors of its launch coming “soon”.

midnight suns release date

Three Editions to Choose From

There will be three versions of the game, which are Standard, Enhanced, and Legendary. The Standard Edition will only have the base game.

The Enhanced Edition offers several contents like the Enhanced Premium Pack. This pack contains five premium skins for Captain America (Future Soldier), Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell), Magik (Phoenix 5), Nico Minoru (Sister Grimm), and Wolverine (X-Force).

midnight suns release date

The Legendary Edition will include the base game, the Legendary Premium Pack that features 23 skins, and the Marvel’s Midnight Suns Season Pass. The latter includes four DLC packs for the game, which will introduce new fully playable heroes, new missions, new enemies, and more.

The 23 Premium Skins include Captain America (Future Soldier), Captain America (Captain of the Guard), Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell), Captain Marvel (Medieval Marvel), Magik (Phoenix 5), Magik (New Mutant), Nico Minoru (Sister Grimm), Nico Minoru (Shadow Witch), Wolverine (X-Force), Wolverine (Cowboy Logan), Blade (Demon Hunter), Blade (Blade 1602), Iron Man (Iron Knight), Iron Man (Bleeding Edge), Ghost Rider (Spirit of Vengeance), Ghost Rider (Death Knight), Doctor Strange (Strange Future Supreme), Scarlet Witch (Boss Witch), Scarlet Witch (Fallen SW), Spider-Man (Symbiote), Spider-Man (Demon), and 2 Additional Skins for an unannounced hero.

midnight suns release date

Marvel’s Midnight Suns launches on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. It is rumored to be released on October 6, 2022.

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