Modern Warfare 3 Zombies: Outlast Contracts Guide

Learn how an Outlast Contract works in MW3 Zombies mode with the help of this guide.

Modern Warfare 3 zombies Outlast Contract featured image

Modern Warfare 3 Zombies mode lets players fulfill various Outlast Contracts that are particularly challenging to clear. What makes them tempting to tackle is that they give you a lot of XP upon completion, making them an easy grind for weapon XP. Read on, and this guide will teach you how to complete Outlast Contracts and use them for XP Farming in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies.

Where to Find an Outlast Contract

Outlast Contracts can be found by following the blue satellite icons on your map in the middle of a zombies match. At the start of the match, open up your map and then ping the nearest satellite icon using your D-pad to find an Outlast Contract before anyone else.

Where to Find Outlast Contracts MW3

To start the Outlast Contract, you need to interact with the PND which sort of looks like a portable generator. Approach it and press Square on PlayStation or X on Xbox consoles. Once it starts, hordes of zombies will swarm your location as the analysis progress gets filled. You need to stay inside the area in order to progress that analysis bar. Leaving won’t cancel the Outlast Contract, but it will begin depleting your progress back down to zero percent.

How to Complete an Outlast Contract

How to Complete Outlast Contracts MW3

Completing Outlast Contracts just means remaining in the area until the analysis progress bar reaches 100 percent. The issue is that you’ll be attacked by endless waves of zombies until then, making you sort of vulnerable.

Because of how Outlast Contracts send waves of zombies after you, slow-firing weapons like snipers aren’t ideal. Especially if you’re trying to complete the contract solo. Ideally, it’s best to take weapons that have a high firing rate or a big impact in close quarters. Better yet, use explosives.

Outlast Contracts are pretty hard to do on your own, so you’re better off having a full squad with you. You’ll quickly find yourself overwhelmed if you’re attempting play solo.

XP Farming Using Outlast Contracts

Because of how the Outlast Contract analysis bar depletes when you’re outside of the venue, you can take advantage of this by leaving the vicinity until it reaches back to 0 percent again.

What this does is cause the Outlast Contract to endlessly spawn hordes of zombies. You can farm for weapon XP by infinitely killing zombies that keep spawning. Of course, this does leave you vulnerable to eventually running out of ammo if you stay for too long.