Monster Hunter Rise to Add “Wanogre” Palamute and New Quest Soon

Fight two monsters in the new event quest as well.

Game company CAPCOM has revealed the newest Palamute that will be added to popular video game Monster Hunter Rise.

The newest Palamute that will be added to the game is called the Wanogre and it is scheduled for release on July 23, 2021, a few days from now. It can be downloaded by going to the Courier in Kamura Village and just select Add-on Content to find it. After downloading the new content, players can then pick it up at the Buddy Handler in the Buddy Plaza and just select Hire a Special Buddy option.

Aside from Wanogre, a new event quest is coming as well. This is the Heart of the Hero where players will have to fight two monsters: Tigrex and Diablos and it will be at the same time. This is going to be a Hunter Rank 8 and when completed, players will get ten new hunter rank titles.

Monster Hunter Rise is now available on Nintendo Switch. It will be getting a PC version next year.

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