Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Sales Now Over 2 Million Units

That's a lot of purchases in just a few weeks!

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CAPCOM has recently revealed the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak sales number and it has now reached a new milestone.

According to the game company, the expansion Sunbreak has now passed two million copies sold worldwide. They also revealed that the base game, Monster Hunter Rise, has now sold 10 million copies globally.

To celebrate the big milestone for both base game and Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, CAPCOM has now released two free item packs. This will definitely help in your future adventures in the game and expansion.

Monster Hunter Rise is now on sale as part of the Sunbreak release celebration. The PC version can be bought via Steam and has two different discount options to choose from. The base game is now $30.59 instead of $59.99, but that will end tomorrow, July 7, 2022. The Deluxe Edition is currently $35.93 instead of $74.99. This includes several extra contents to redeem and enjoy in-game. The Nintendo Switch version on its base game is still the regular price of $59.99 but the Deluxe Edition is only $35.69 for some reason.

monster hunter rise sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise and Sunbreak and now both available on PC and Nintendo Switch.