Monster Hunter Rise Trophy Guide & How to Get Platinum

Here are some pointers to help you out on your Monster Hunter Rise trophy run

Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise has recently been released on PlayStation platforms. Unfortunately, this is only the base game that has yet to include the significant changes that are part of the Sunbreak expansion. It’s a bit of a bummer but that only means the reception will be all the brighter once it arrives.

In this trophy guide, we’ll tell you what you need to know in order to get you on the right path toward earning the Platinum trophy in Monster Hunter Rise. One of the best things about games that launch on new platforms is that there is little to no guesswork involved. The game’s been out for a while, after all.

Monster Hunter Rise has a total of 50 trophies to collect:

  • 1 Platinum trophy
  • 2 Gold trophies
  • 9 Silver trophies
  • 38 Bronze trophies

Monster Hunter Rise Trophy List


  • Badge of Excellence: The mark of a peerless hunter, conferred only to those who have earned a lot of rewards


  • Mini Crown Plaque: Awarded for registering many miniature crown-sized monsters
  • Gold Crown Plaque: Awarded for registering many gold crown-sized monsters


  • Fan of Ascendancy: The mark of a hunter who has attempted some of the toughest quests around – and won
  • Arena Fighter Certificate: A souvenir from the Guild for completing many Arena quests
  • From Palicoes, with Love: Awarded for raising various support-type Palicoes to their maximum levels
  • Colorful Armor Stand: Awarded for forgiving many a layered armor.
  • Petalace Arrangement Vase: Awarded for obtaining many Petalaces.
  • Fan of Fading Crimson: A decorative fan awarded to those who vanquished the crimson-glowing threat to the village
  • Fan of True Ascendancy: Mark of a hunter who has bested Infernal Springs’ most arduous challenges
  • Adept Hunter Certificate: A souvenir from the Guild for completing many high-rank quests
  • Sturdy Padlock: Awarded for collecting many decorations and hanging scrolls.


  • Kamura Amulet: A trinket given to new hunters who have proved themselves capable
  • Ancestral Blade: A prize for vanquishing Magnamalo.
  • Apex Shortsword: Granted for banishing an Apex in the Rampage.
  • Tempestuous Triumph Scroll: A hanging scroll from Master Hojo, depicting your victory over Wind Serpent Ibushi
  • Calamity Conqueror Scroll: Received upon defeating Ibushi and Narwa.
  • Aspiring Hunter Certificate: A souvenir from the Guild for completing many low-rank quests
  • Rampage Nemesis Certificate: A souvenir from the Guild for completing many Rampage quests
  • Spiritwood Necklace: Awarded for completing 50 quests in the Shrine Ruins.
  • Frozen Lampsquid Earring: Awarded for completing 50 quests in the Frost Islands.
  • Prismatic Chalice: Awarded for completing 50 quests in the Flooded Forest.
  • Silver Cactus Ring: Awarded for completing 50 quests in the Sandy Plains.
  • Heliotrope Bracelet: Awarded for completing 50 quests in the Lava Caverns.
  • Wreath of Honor: A wreath received from the villagers as thanks for taking on their many requests
  • Kamura Pinwheel: Awarded for performing 1000 Wiredashes.
  • Shabby Canye Saddle: Awarded for riding Canynes many times.
  • Beat-up Construction Kit: Awarded for unlocking lots of camps.
  • Great Wirebug Plate: Awarded for discovering many Great Wirebug launch points.
  • Hunting Helpers Plate: Awarded for gathering 500 Hunting Helpers.
  • Golden Spiribug Plate: Awarded for gathering 1000 Golden and Glided Spiribugs.
  • Antique Bookmark: Awarded for finding many Old Messages.
  • Deft-hand Rod: Awarded for catching many fish. Feels familiar in your hands.
  • Well-done Grillmeister: Awarded for cooking a well-done steak 30 times.
  • Copper Ecologist’s Award: Awarded for photographing many Hunter Helpers.
  • Silver Ecologist’s Award: Awarded by one enthusiastic researcher for photographing many Rare Creatures
  • Gold Ecologist’s Award: Awarded for photographing many Endemic Lifeforms.
  • Extravagant Cashbox: Awarded for earning 1,000,000 zenny.
  • Well-worn Cashbox: Awarded for accumulating 100,000 Kamura Points.
  • Thank-mew Letter: Awarded for hiring 50 Buddies.
  • Good Luck Charm: Proof of having sent Meowceraries out on a quest 20 times
  • Palamute Gear Tune-up Kit: Awarded for collecting a lot of Palamute Gear
  • Luxury Armor Stand: Awarded for forging many valuable weapons and armor.
  • Master’s Black Belt: Awarded for obtaining many Switch Skills.
  • Chef’s Trusty Tools: Awarded for helping Yomoji.
  • Cohoots’ Dresser: Awarded to connoisseurs of Cohoot outfits.
  • Runner’s Sandals: Awarded for talking to many of Kamura’s citizens
  • Dreadnought Destroyer Plaque: Awarded for hunting 1,000 large monsters
  • Five-in-One Plaque: Awarded for hunting 5 monsters in 1 Expedition Tour
  • Seasoned Jockey Plaque: Awarded for riding many different monsters

[There are no hidden trophies]

Let’s start this trophy guide off with something that going to relieve a lot of players: Monster Hunter Rise does not require online play in order to get the Platinum trophy. You can go from start to finish offline, as a solo player.

With that being said, however, based on community feedback, it’s going to take you roughly 200+ hours to get everything done. As it was in Monster Hunter World, the end-game grind is going to take up much of that time. The good news is that you can pick and choose the missions you want to repeat until you unlock the trophies you are aiming for. You don’t need to start over again at the beginning.

Here’s a hint for Crown Plaque Gold trophies. You can choose the monster you want to farm from the Hub Quests. It’s quite different from its equivalent in MH World where there is this element of randomness associated with tracking monsters.

To get the Well-worn Cashbox Bronze trophy out of the way as quickly as possible, make it a habit to accept Optional Subquests as they reward you with Kamura Points and Armor Spheres. You can get them from Hinoa/Minoto.

There are some trophies like the Wreath of Honor Bronze trophy that is not accurate with the number they are asking for. In this case, this trophy will require you to complete 100 requests from villagers in order to unlock it. (Yes, subquests from the twins count as requests.)

Oh, and while we’re on the subject of villagers, always participate in the Lottery when a Sale at the Merchant. It’s going to go a long way in getting the RNG-based Sturdy Padlock Silver trophy.

If you’re a veteran of Iceborne then you know that this is going to be a long and grindy process. There are no two ways about it. Thankfully, the system put in place for Monster Hunter Rise speeds the process up significantly to the point that going back to MH World, we feel sluggish in comparison.

And that’s it for all the note-worthy items on this Monster Hunter Rise Trophy guide. All that’s left is to go there and grind your heart out. Good luck, hunter.

And check out the Platform release announcement trailer for Monster Hunter Rise courtesy of the Monster Hunter YouTube channel.

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