Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Reveals Final Monster to be Added

Game company CAPCOM just revealed the final monster that will be added to popular video game Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.

The final monster that will be added via Free Title Update is the Elder Dragon Fatalis. After a year of updates and awesome free content, this is the end of Iceborne. The last Free Title will go out with a bang: a new event comes with Fatalis. It will launch on Oct. 1.

This update will add a new special assignment that will task players to fight the final monster. It will be available after they finish the story of Iceborne and completing the Alatreon investigation. This new operation will feature a new character called the General.

With the addition of Fatalis comes new weapons and armor to craft from its materials. Armor Design Fatalis α+ Armor Set, Armor Design Fatalis β+ Armor Set, and Palico Equipment Palico Equipment: Fatalis Set α+ can be crafted.

Check out the detailed changes here:


  • Fatalis has been added. (Fatalis will be available after finishing the story of Iceborne and completing the Alatreon investigation)
  • Arch-tempered Velkhana has been added and will be available in a limited-time event quest. (Check for schedule details)


  • Clutch Claw Boost skill added, allowing you to wound monsters easier


  • Soul Stream III has been added to the First Wyverian Ritual at the Elder Melder.
  • You can now use rarity 9 decorations and higher as materials at the Elder Melder.
  • The following decorations can now be melded at the Elder Melder:
    Elementless Jewel 2, Shield Jewel 2, Sharp Jewel 2, Dragonseal Jewel 3, Mighty Bow Jewel 2, and Mind’s Eye Jewel 2.
  • New BGM can now be played in your room in Seliana.
  • New designs for the Squad Card added.
  • New layered armor added.
  • New Pendants added.
  • Decor can now be obtained from the Steamworks’ Overdrive bonus.
  • When add-on content that hasn’t been purchased is available,the following menus will let you jump to various purchase pages:
    Gestures, Poses, Stickers, Change Appearance, Pendant Settings, Change the Handler’s Outfit, Room Customization, Music Player, and Figures.


  • Some parts of previous title updates that had limited voice dialogue now feature fully voiced dialogue.
  • Extended the time that wounds are visible on monsters.
  • Increased the chances that high rarity decorations will appear from Carved and Sealed Feystones.
  • Increased the chances that Sealed Feystones will appear as part of the rewards for threat level 3 tempered master rank investigations.
  • The following charms have been added:
    Shaver Charm, Earplugs Charm V, Master’s Charm V, Critical Charm III, Exploiter Charm III, and Handicraft Charm V.
  • The following decorations have been added:
    Diversion Jewel 3, Acrobat Jewel 3, and Shaver Jewel 3

Bug Fixes and Balance Adjustments

  • Bug fixes and other adjustments will be announced at a later date.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Official Website

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