Monster Hunter World – Toughest 5 Monsters To Hunt Challenge

The Monster Hunter verse is home to a large variety of dinosaurs that will gobble you up or rip you to shreds in a matter of seconds if you’re not prepared. A well-prepared hunter will be able to come out on top any day of the week. In Monster Hunter World, any of those dinosaurs can rip you to shreds if you head in recklessly.

Okay, case in point, their not all dinosaurs. It’s just more fun to call them that way.

These 5 are monsters among monsters that even the most skilled and prepared hunter would have trouble facing. Think you can beat them?

Black Diablos

Diablos is already widely considered to be one of the more difficult monsters to hunt in Monster Hunter World. So obviously the Black Diablos would be an even tougher cookie to crack, right? It is named after the devil after all. Unlike other types of Diablos you will encounter, the Black Diablos is female and is much more aggressive than her male counterpart. Though she does have all the abilities and weakness that her male counterpart carries so some experience can get you far.


The Black Diablos is extremely tough because of her tendency to ram you with horns. Being stunned is one of the fastest ways to invite a quick death in Monster Hunter World and Black Diablos sure has a habit of stunning you! You’re then exposed to attacks that may instantly kill you.

Hopefully, you’re wearing some tough armor.

Kushala Daora

Who makes it a habit of using ranged weaponry? Because if you don’t, you’re gonna have a real bad time with Kushala Daora. Try hitting the beast with a bladed weapon when it’s in the air (which happens constantly). Its skin is very thick and hard to penetrate making it even harder for melee weapons to break through. And if that wasn’t enough, this monster can coat itself in a wind aura preventing players from getting close to it. Though unlike the previous entry, Kushala Daora isn’t aggressive at all and won’t attack you even if you get close to it unless you attack first.


It’s a challenge to not hate this majestic beast when fighting it. Despite its appearance, this thunder unicorn won’t cut you any slack. Kirin is highly mobile and can shock you with electric attacks. Even careful hunters can find themselves on the receiving end of being paralyzed constantly if they can’t adapt to its speed. Being paralyzed will leave you wide open for its horn. If you’re not patient with its lightning attacks, you can find yourself in the receiving end of a good thrashing.



This monster is particularly infamous among the Monster Hunter player community. This beast can grow spikes all over its body and if you don’t break them before its too late, they can deflect any incoming attack you can dish out at it. Once Nergigante has grown spikes on all four parts of its body it will take a dive at you. This dive attack isn’t easy to dodge due its massive area of effect damage.



What’s worst than a monster that can one-shot you? A monster that can one-shot you that’s extremely aggressive and quite mobile. Unless you know what you’re doing, better off to stay away from this thing. If you piss it off enough, it will cover itself in flames and take off to the skies where it will release an explosion around a large area that you may or may not survive from. Probably not.

So these are the toughest monsters to take down in our book. Did you have trouble with them yourself? Even as an experienced hunter going with friends and coordinating I still found them to be a pain. Unless you memorized their patterns, weaknesses, and strengths chances are you won’t survive the encounter.