Moonscars Royal Infant Boss Guide

Moonscars Royal Infant cover

The Royal Infant is the second boss fight that players face in Moonscars. Despite being just a baby, it possesses vile demonic powers that enable it to dish out a number of hard-hitting attacks.

In this guide, we will talk about how to defeat the Royal Infant by looking at its attack patterns and knowing how to respond to them.

How to defeat Royal Infant in Moonscars

Gniewko, the Royal Infant has different kinds of attacks and has the ability to summon a clone that it can “play” with in certain attacks. It also has alternate forms once its health reaches around 60% and and 10%. Listed below are all of its attacks and how to respond to them accordingly.

Royal Infant Attacks – Baby Form

In the first form, the Royal Infant appears as a somewhat normal baby with a cape and it can levitate.

  • Sneeze: The Royal Infant will start sneezing a couple of times while whipping its head forward. It can home on your position, but it moves so slow and attacks can thwart it away.
  • Scream: It can let out a screeching scream that does damage around itself. The attack’s range seems to be larger than what is visually shown, so you may still take damage even if you are outside of the circle, but just close enough to it.
Blood Projectiles
  • Blood Projectiles: It will summon three blood projectiles that it can throw towards you one by one. In the later stages of the fight, it can summon more projectiles and throw three of them at you at a time. During this, only the middle projectile is aimed directly at you, so try to reposition in between the shots.
  • Fireball: It can conjure a fireball and throw it at you. The fireball can home in on your position, but it can be evaded by a dash.
  • Clone: It summons a clone of itself that can also do some of its attacks like the Blood Projectiles and Fireball. The attacks it dishes out are as strong as the original one. This clone can be killed, so make sure to get to it to prevent the fight from getting too busy.

Royal Infant Attacks – Monster Form

Around <60% of its health, the Royal Infant transforms into its monstrous form. It will gain new attacks and some upgraded attacks. At this point, the platforms in the room will also disappear.

  • Upgraded Scream: The Royal Infant’s scream becomes upgraded.
  • Upgraded Sneeze: It can still sneeze multiple times in succession, however it can now release a small shockwave around itself per sneeze.
Tentacle Whip
  • Tentacle Whip: It can roll sideways to whip out its tentacles. This attack can vary between two to five hits in a combo and the reach can also vary. Pay attention to its head to know if the combo is over; if it just shows the top of its head, then it is still going to continue the whipping combo.
  • Spikes: It plops in the middle of the room and plants its tentacles into the ground, releasing spikes on the ground outwards, followed by another wave of spikes inwards as it withdraws its tentacles. Time your jump to clear the spikes and don’t forget to jump again for the second wave.
  • Chomp: This attack only happens when the Royal Infant is at its remaining 10% health. It stays on the ground and transforms once again, but it can now only do chomps as it tries to chase you. It can chain the chomp around eight times, and then it pauses for a moment, so look out for this pause to deal your final blows.

After defeating the Royal Infant, you will receive the Innocence achievement.

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