Moonscars Traitor Chokran Boss Guide

Moonscars Traitor Chokran cover

Traitor Chokran is the first boss that players encounter in Moonscars. Before he became corrupted, he was once known as Chokran, one of the Sculptor’s loyal Pristines.

In this guide, we will talk about how to defeat Traitor Chokran by looking at his attack patterns and knowing how to respond to them.

How to defeat Traitor Chokran in Moonscars

Traitor Chokran has a mix of both melee and ranged attacks, most of which have wide hit ranges. Listed below are all of his attacks and how to respond to them accordingly.

Traitor Chokran Attacks

Traitor Chokran has a number of attacks which can be evaded with well timed dashes.

Ground Swipe
  • Ground Swipe: Traitor Chokran raises his hand and swipes it down scraping the ground as it moves towards you. He can do this attack twice in succession and he usually turns around after the first swipe. Simply time your dash towards his attack, and then prepare to dash once again towards the opposite direction, taking advantage of the I-frames.
Bladed Swipe
  • Bladed Swipe: He will raise his hand but it turns into a blade instead before swiping down three times. He can also turn around during this attack. As soon as you see the blade, dash towards his direction, then after the second swipe, prepare to dash again towards the opposite direction.
Spear Rain
  • Spear Rain: He will levitate higher and throw a bunch of spears towards the ground in a fan formation. The direction of where the spears will fly will be shown by a red line, and he can do this attack three times; also possible to see this attack twice in a row. Focus on the red markers and try to get in the space between them to avoid getting hit.
  • Clone: He will raise his clone from the ground and it will also throw a bunch of spears, similar to Spear Rain, but only once. Similarly, get in between the lines.
Jump Attack
  • Jump Attack: He will jump high up and away from the screen, then land down on your last position after 2 seconds. Time your dash right to avoid his landing.
  • Summon Adds: From time to time, two more minor enemies will appear in the fight. Defeating these enemies will give you the chance to fill your Spite level to gain more buffs mid-fight.

After defeating Traitor Chokran, you will receive the Traitor’s Lot achievement.

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