Moonscars Sweet Wanda Boss Guide

Moonscars Sweet Wanda cover

Sweet Wanda is the third boss fight that players face in Moonscars. She has the power to manipulate the roots and branches within her domain, and she may not be a mobile opponent, her wide reaching attacks make up for it.

In this guide, we will talk about how to defeat Sweet Wanda by looking at her attack patterns and knowing how to respond to them.

How to defeat Sweet Wanda in Moonscars

Sweet Wanda has two phases for her fight, with each phase having separate health bars. She is immobile during the first phase of the fight, but she can start moving on the second phase.

Sweet Wanda Attacks – First Phase

In the first phase, Sweet Wanda stays put in the middle of the arena.

Branch Attack
  • Branch Attack: Sweet Wanda spread out her arms and releases a bunch of branches all over. The area of this attack is partly circular, while the space underneath her arms or in front of her body is a safe spot.
Double Branch Attack
  • Double Branch Attack: This is similar to the Branch Attack, but she follows it up by turning around and releasing another branch Attack with a wider range. The same spot underneath her arms is still safe to stand on.
Branch Punch
  • Branch Punch: She punches towards a direction using her branches to extend her reach, and then follows it up with another Branch Punch. She can switch directions midway to face you.
  • Rootball: She throws a rootball at your direction, causing it to explode upon impact. Dashing towards the rootball is one way to avoid its explosion.
Root Pillars
  • Root Pillars: Three pairs of nodes appear at the top and bottom sides of the arena, which eventually burst to shoot out roots that deal damage on contact. They are stationary, so simply try to be within the safe spots as the nodes burst.
  • Summon Adds: The starting animation is similar to a Root Pillar, but only one node appears on the ground. A spider will then burst out of it and will start pouncing on you. Destroy these as soon as possible to make the fight more manageable.

Sweet Wanda Attacks – Second Phase

Once the entire health meter for the first fight is done, the second phase will start. Sweet Wanda will start to move around the arena.

  • Branch Attack: Similar to the first phase’s attack.
Branch Wings
  • Branch Wings: Sweet Wanda will grow branch wings behind her back and stab down to the ground twice. The wings go diagonally downwards, so the space underneath her wings are safe, and so is outside the wing. But take into account that she can move, so try to anticipate her movements to not get caught by the wings.
Upgraded Root Pillars
  • Upgraded Root Pillars: Similar to the first phase’s attack, but nodes will quickly appear underneath where you stand. Try to move around while dashing through the root pillars to spread them out.

After defeating Sweet Wanda, you will receive the Lost Friend achievement.

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