Mother’s Day Special: Gaming’s Best Moms

Queen Brahne (Final Fantasy IX)In the beginning she was having fun then things took a turn for the worse when her husband died, she became a tyrant, conquest hungry and would stop at nothing even if it meant killing her daughter (Garnet). However she was not always like that. In the past she was kind, benevolent and was well-liked by the people, especially her daughter. She had a daughter who passed away due to illness but she treated Garnet as if she were her own child despite when she was found she had a horn on her head but that did not stop her from loving her and giving her the kingdom of Alexandria to one day rule.

And in the end with her dying breath all she asked from her daughter was to be forgiven for everything she did out of her blind greed while she reminisces her fondest moment where she, her daughter and husband are watching a play together and as she lay there breathless her daughter weeps for her mother, the only mother she has ever come to know and love. Despite everything that happened between them there will always be love for they are family and family is forever.