Mother’s Day Special: Gaming’s Best Moms

Marowak (Ghost) and Marowak (In General) (Pokemon)While exploring the Pokémon Tower in Lavender town, you as a pokemon trainer finds a ghost of a dead Marowak. In the recent past Team Rocket had invaded the tower to steal the skulls of Cubones to sell them for a high price. One Cubone, however was protected by its mother, Marowak. Through Marowak’s efforts her child escapes but dies in the process. Since then she haunts all trespassers from going further.

Marowak is definitely a personification of a true mother, one that would sacrifice everything to save their child and will always protect them. In general they will forever be a part of their child spiritually and physiologically since a cubone wears the skull of its dead mother and upon growing up the skull can no longer be removed as it has become a part of its body. Marowak is so strong that not even life can chain them down to protect their beloved offsprings. Possibly the ultimate mother.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you gamers out there.

Written by: Jett Vincent Sia