MultiVersus New Character from Gremlins Joining Next Week

We have a Gremlins character joining super soon!

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Warner Bros. and First Player Games have recently released a new teaser that might have just hinted at the next MultiVersus character.

The Twitter account of MultiVersus has revealed a short clip that teases the next new character joining the roster. It is clear that it is from the Gremlins franchise and some speculate that it is going to be Gizmo. The developers have not confirmed that it is actually Gizmo, but the hands and eyes that appear seem to be his.

Gizmo is actually the arch-nemesis of Stripe. Stripe was confirmed to be joining the roster at a later time with popular DC anti-hero Black Adam. The weird thing about this situation is that Gizmo is going to be added first before the already confirmed Stripes.

Aside from the Gizmo tease, the clip seems to have another voice that can be heard off-screen. No one knows yet whose voice was that but it could mean there is another character joining Gizmo when they get announced next week, September 6, 2022.


MultiVersus is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.