MultiVersus Daily Peak Steam Player Count Has Dipped So Low

Martin the Martian is not happy.

A new report has revealed that MultiVersus has its daily peak Steam player count drop so low for the first time this week.

It has been revealed that MultiVersus has now dropped below a daily peak of 1,000 players this week. It has now fallen more than 99 percent since it first launched, which is quite a drastic change from earlier days. When it launched, it got a peak of more than 143,000 players on Steam, which rose to 153,433 the next day.

After a month since its launch, Warner Bros. then revealed it over 20 million players had downloaded the game. It has now a solid player base and they just needed to add more content to keep it going.

Unfortunately, the next few weeks revealed that the daily peak player count has been steadily dropping. Website SteamDB revealed that it has now currently dipped below 1,000 players for the first time with only 986 on Monday. In just less than seven months, it has dropped to 99.3574 percent.

There are a few factors that have contributed to this low player count. First one would be the game’s season 2 content which was so lacking compared to the first one. It only introduced one character, Marvin the Martian and that was nearly three months ago. After that, no news from the developer Player First Games.

There has been criticism of its monetization system, which has locked off various character skins that would cost up to $15 to unlock.

If the developers cannot turn this around by adding new characters or more content by Season 3, the player count will dwindle even lower, which would be dangerous for the game. There have been several live service games that have closed already due to this reason alone, and MultiVersus is close to that.

MultiVersus is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.