MultiVersus Teases Surprise Character Reveals in Season 1 Update (Update)

Also rumor says the powerful Black Adam could be coming next!

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Update: Black Adam and Stripe are officially confirmed by Player First Games with a new tweet.

Original post below:

The MultiVersus game director has recently teased that the game will tease surprise character reveals in the upcoming Season 1 update.

MultiVersus New Login Screen

According to Game Director Tony Huynh, the game will be getting its Season 1 update soon and it will change the login screen. For those who have played the game already in its open beta, players are already familiar with the login screen where it features a part of the launch characters are shown like Bugs Bunny’s long ears, Shaggy holding a sandwich and more. The new login screen, however, will show a different set of parts that hints at future characters.

Possible Hint

Huynh says that they will be sharing more details in future announcements soon. He did tease a while ago saying, “Who likes bows and arrows?” which could mean The Lord of the Rings character Legolas, a character that some leaks say will be added soon aside from Rick and Morty.

Black Adam?

In another leak though, complete with an image, it was revealed that the next two characters joining will be Black Adam and Stripe. Note that Black Adam does not follow The Rock’s Black Adam look and is more comic accurate. Stripe is from the Gremlins.


MultiVersus is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. It is still in Open Beta.