Musynx Review (PS4) – An Absolute Feast for the Senses

Musynx has already established itself as a very engaging Rhythm game. It was first released as a mobile game featuring 100,000 downloads for Android alone. Now it has been released to the console community, bringing the experience to the PlayStation 4, Switch and PlayStation Vita users. Rhythm games have been around the market ever since, so how will this game stand out in comparison to popular games like Guitar Hero or Rock Band?

Reviewed: PS4
PS4, PS Vita, Nintendo Switch
Developer: PM Studios Inc.
Publisher: PM Studios Inc.
Release Date: June 19, 2018
MSRP: $29.99
Review code provided by PM Studios

Right out the bat, the trailer was really intriguing and minutes after playing the game – it was pure bliss. Immediately players are welcomed with astonishing artwork and all songs are playable from the very start. An array of over 90 songs are available for you to choose from. Songs vary from melodious childlike songs to EDM, punk and techno music. There is no need to unlock them nor to buy additional songs to fully enjoy the game and the best part is, the loading time from song to song is a remarkable zero. I tell you, there are no delays when tapping along those notes and choosing from the multitude of songs list from the game.

Just like any other rhythm games, the main gameplay consists of tapping specific keys that are shown by a vertical lane. Gameplay involves the players to choose between 4Keys or 6Keys gameplay. The diversity of the song list doesn’t stop there as you can choose whether to play the Easy or Hard Mode. All songs have its own counterpart, so if you can’t seem to fully enjoy the game in Hard mode – you may want to play it under Easy mode. No judgement from me, the objective is to have fun and the more you play, the more comfortable you are and you may want to try other high level songs. However, even if it’s under Easy mode, it doesn’t mean you’ll just bob your head and end up with an S rank. Key combinations can be quite frantic and very exciting at the same time. Missing out on tapping one key actually disrupts the harmony and may lead to more misses which will not yield good results. Actually, players can choose how fast notes are going and can customize it every time they play a new song which is totally  up to their heart’s content.

What I really like about Musynx is the sound enhancer option, you have three options: Strong, Weak and Automatic. What it does is, everytime you tap a note this becomes part of the song. If a player chooses weak, the disturbance it does in the song is quite subtle so it won’t really make a difference if you commit mistakes or missed out on a note but if you choose the Strong option, you are in for a treat. Making a mistake is actually a crucial part of enjoying and taking in that beautiful composed song since missing out on tapping them correctly leads to out of tune notes and parts where the artist sings in an awful tone. I may be pointing to a lot of points if you commit a lot of boo-boo but if you try your hardest, the player will definitely reap the benefits. Getting the notes as perfect as possible feels like you are the actual musician playing at your own concert in front of a lot of people or maybe even playing it for the love of your life. Every note you hit feels like you are hitting the actual keyboard of a piano or a string of a guitar. You will never know what you get to play in the songs that you get to choose. Of course, playing in Automatic mode is just like taking a ride in the park. Albeit, this mode is perfect if you have actual kids lying about and would want to encourage them to be exposed to a different type of music.

What I feel like this game lacks is a two-player version where you could play side by side and just compare your overall score with one another. This game brings a lot of competitiveness in you and challenging another player might bring the actual game experience to a different level creating a much more delightful experience. Although gameplay does not offer a storyline, I really don’t mind this as playing the game is already gratifying in itself but other players might see the need of such and I also think that maybe finishing a certain rank will grant you certain points or any in-game currency that you may exchange with more customized backgrounds, vertical lanes and more songs in the future. Currently, there is a DLC shop but nothing’s there yet so fingers crossed we will get more content there.

Overall, I am really liking what I see in this game, I always look forward to the artwork as it features intense colors with illustrations ranging from familiar animated characters, to exaggerated landscapes and enigmatic abstract designs. The songs, even if the lyrics are Greek to me, I really don’t mind it. In fact, this songs creates that last song syndrome that doesn’t frustrate me at all. This game will definitely appeal to both casual and hardcore fans, not perfect but very addictive and so much kawaii going on.

Musynx Review (PS4) – An Absolute Feast for the Senses
Score Definition
When the issues of a game are rolled and stomped by its greatness, then it’s something to invest on if you have some spare.
A wide array of over 90 songs to choose from
Delightful Artwork
Unique Vertical Lane and Notes design
Never had a bug issue nor delay while on gameplay
2 player mode
Unlockable designs/songs