My Free Farm gets a new Veterinary Clinic Feature

Effective immediately, there’s a brand-new feature in Bamberg game developer upjers’ My Free Farm: the Veterinary Clinic! The veterinary clinic can be unlocked on the Farmer’s Market at level 36 with the in-game currency, Potato Dollars. In the clinic, players can heal the sick animals that have been plodding to your farm lately.

Maladies cured by the veterinarian include poor hearing, yellow mucus, sensitivity to light, hacking coughs and limps. At each level of veterinary expertise, players can unlock new crops for their fields. These herbs can be used to mix tinctures with which the ailing animals can be treated.

The tasks in the clinic hours at the first veterinary level have an easy difficulty rating. At the second level, players can choose between an easy and an intermediate difficulty level. And at vet level 3, the difficult option unlocks as well.

The more involved the treatment is, the more rewards the player will receive. These include band-aids, points and Potato Dollars, the in-game currency. If a player manages to complete sufficient treatments before the clinic hours are over, they’ll receive an additional time bonus.

All details about the veterinary clinic can be found in My Free Farm:

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