My Friendly Neighborhood: All Bosses and Enemies

All the puppets in the once beloved children show are now out to get you.

My Friendly Neighborhood bosses and enemies cover image

There are plenty of bosses and enemies in My Friendly Neighborhood that you may be convinced that it isn’t so friendly after all. The once popular children’s cartoon show has become a corrupt parody of itself that is now broadcasting themselves eating each other. As the unfortunate mechanic assigned to stop the broadcast, the puppets are not too happy about your unwelcome presence and will attempt to stop you.

All Bosses and Enemies in My Friendly Neighborhood

Here are the My Friendly Neighborhood bosses and enemies you’ll encounter:


  • Norman
  • Lillianna
  • Junebug
  • Lenard
  • George
  • Pearl
  • Ray
  • Hand Puppets
  • Goblette
  • Dogs
  • Statue


  • The All-Seeing
  • Final Boss

There are only two real boss fights in My Friendly Neighborhood. However there are multiple puppets you’ll encounter that will chase you to stop you from disconnecting the antenna broadcasting their show. Many of these puppets are deranged and hostile, though some can be calmed if you manage to do something for them.

Because we’re listing all the enemies, be warned of further spoilers. Here’s a deeper explanation of each puppet you encounter, including the bosses, in My Friendly Neighborhood:


Norman Enemies in My Friendly Neighborhood

Norman is the first hostile puppet you’ll meet who’s banging on the door. This puppet is your first clue that My Friendly Neighborhood isn’t so friendly after all. Out of all the puppets, Norman sounds like a corrupted version of Kermit the Frog who tells you disturbing things like eating your own hand.


Lilliana Enemies in My Friendly Neighborhood

Lillianna is the second puppet you meet in a dark room. Thankfully she’s easy to sneak up behind on because her back is faced against you in your first meeting. She’s deranged and it’s hard to understand what Lillianna is even trying to say.


Junebug Enemies in My Friendly Neighborhood

Junebug is one of the smaller hostile puppets but she’s no less dangerous. She can hurt you just as easily as Norman and Lillianna. Due to her size, she’s harder to hit so you may be enticed to engage her with the wrench instead.


Lenard Enemies in My Friendly Neighborhood

The first time you’ll meet Lenard is when he breaks into the make-up room with Norman after you find a weapon. He stands out for his purple skin, green hair, and missing left eye and loves to claim that he’s a friend. Lenard is anything but and is just as hostile as any of the other puppets.


George Enemies in My Friendly Neighborhood

George has a yellow jacket and the hat of what seems to be a train conductor. What’s most noticeable is his missing eye. This puppet is tough and can eat bullets before going down.


Pearl Enemies in My Friendly Neighborhood

At the beginning of the game, you’re warned to watch out for Pearl. You’ll soon find out why when you meet this giant pink bird who’s very hungry and very fast. She has poor eyesight though so it’ll have a hard time spotting you. She’ll even slam into walls until you give her eyeglasses which allow her to finally see and stop being hostile.


Ray Enemies in My Friendly Neighborhood

Ray is a mechanic or at least he loves to think he’s so. He specializes in organic maintenance. And unfortunately he’s a big fan of percussive maintenance. Ray will pop out of vents and you shouldn’t go near him unless you want to be hit. Interestingly, he’ll become friendly with you once you manage to fix the pipes.

Hand Puppets

Hand Puppets Enemies in My Friendly Neighborhood

The Hand Puppets are the size of your arm and talk in cutesy voices. No matter how friendly they seem, shoot them on sight. These little puppets will jump around the hall to attack you when they get chance. Hand Puppets are extremely mobile which makes them hard to hit.


Goblette Enemies in My Friendly Neighborhood

The first thing you’ll notice about Goblette is her big mouth. This giant green puppet will charge at you like a bull with its mouth hanging open. Thankfully she’s not too smart and you can quickly get out of the way to pester her with bullets until she goes down. Unfortunately for you, Goblette has a fast recovery rate and she will get back up fast.

The All-Seeing

The All-Seeing Bosses in My Friendly Neighborhood

One of the only two bosses in the game, The All-Seeing is a giant purple wall with a big mouth and many eyes. During your fight with it, The All-Seeing will spew out puppet dolls of Norman as if they were bullets. You’ll have to target its eyes to damage it. When you’ve gotten The All-Seeing to its last legs, it will start spitting out Hand Puppet minions.


Dogs Enemies in My Friendly Neighborhood

These puppet Dogs are fast and are hard to see in the dark Garden because of their fur. They’ll start giving chase once you get close enough but will only seem to bark at you from a distance. You can feed them which will turn them friendly.


Statue Enemies in My Friendly Neighborhood

Statue almost seems like it’s made out of brick. He sounds like someone who’s broadcasting on the radio but is just as chipper, friendly, and hostile as the other puppets. You’ll meet him at the final half of the game and by that point Statue is easy pickings.

Final Boss

Final Boss in My Friendly Neighborhood

Down in the Unfriendly Neighborhood is where you’ll encounter the final boss of My Friendly Neighborhood. This large puppet is a combination of multiple decayed puppets sewn together to make one big, terrifying monster. What’s worse is that you’ll have to fight it in the dark with only a flashlight. You can actually get away from the final boss without having to kill it but you’ll have to activate the emergency lockdown button on the wooden wall keeping you trapped inside.