NBA 2K23 First Look Trailer Shows Gameplay

Exclusive look on what has improved.

2K Games has recently released the NBA 2K23 First Look trailer showing gameplay.

The latest trailer from the game is now available and offers the much-needed preview of the gameplay that everyone has been waiting for to see. It does open up with a rather interesting performance of the famous dance group Jabbawockeez. This just meant that halftime shows will be different this time around rather than the standard cheering squad.

The rest of the trailer features animations for long three-point shots, dunks, player celebrations, and many more. It looks smoother than previous titles and it seems it has a little improvement. With the visual improvements already revealed on NBA 2K22, this new entry just seems to have improved on it.

The featured basketball player on the standard edition of the game is Devin Booker of the Phoenix Suns. He is also the highlight of the trailer as the final shot. There could be more gameplay trailers shown later on as the release date inches closer.

nba 2k23 first look trailer

NBA 2K23 launches on September 9, 2022. It will be available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.