Need For Speed Unbound Trophy Guide & How to Get Platinum

These are the trophies you need to get in order to earn Platinum in Need For Speed Unbound

Need for Speed Unbound Trophy Guide Featured Image

This is our Need For Speed Unbound Trophy Guide. The latest entry in the Need For Speed franchise, Unbound is a highly stylized take on the series. But even with a new coat of paint, NFS Unbound handles much like previous titles, preserving that iconic arcade feel that is much enjoyed in recent entries.

In this guide, we’ll tell which trophies you’ll need to earn in order to get the platinum trophy for Need For Speed Unbound and we’ll give some advice along the way.

Note: Need For Speed Unbound releases on December 02, 2022 on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Only the trophy list has been released so far.

Need For Speed Unbound Trophy Guide


  • The Need for Speed!: The Need for Speed! (Collect all trophies)


  • Found Family: Complete the Grand
  • Cleaning Up: Collect all collectibles and get 3 stars on all activities
  • Untouchable: Escape 50 cop chases
  • Mixtape: Complete 25 Lakeshore Online playlists


  • In the Zone: Get 3 stars on all Speed Run activities
  • Frequent Flyer: Get 3 stars on all Drift Zone activities
  • Catch My Drift: Get 3 stars on all Drift Zone activities
  • Caught On Camera: Get 3 stars on all Speed Trap activities
  • Serious Guap: Bank $75,000 during one session
  • Flow Master: Score 250,000 during a Takeover event
  • Escape Artist: Escape a Heat 5 cop chase in an A+ car
  • Full House: Complete a Lakeshore Online playlist with 7 other players


  • The Bear Champ: Small all bear collectibles
  • Most Wanted: Escape a Heat 5 cop chase
  • New Crew: Complete Qualifier 1
  • Oh, It’s On: Complete Qualifier 2
  • Lake Better Watch Out: Complete Qualifier 3
  • Hey Lakeshore: Complete the prologue
  • Adbusting: Break all billboard collectibles
  • Heaven Spot: Collect all street art collectibles
  • Case Money Millionaire: Earn $1,000,000 in story mode
  • In the Flow: Score 200,000 during a Takeover event
  • Rebel Without a Pause: Complete 30 street races in story mode
  • Style it Out: Complete 10 Takeover events
  • Rydell’s Rydes: Fully upgrade your story garage
  • Public Enemy: Take down 5 cops within a single session
  • Access All Areas: Fully upgrade your Lakeshore Online garage
  • B for My Name: Win a Tier B Lakeshore Online playlist
  • Bring Your A Game: Win a Tier A Lakeshore Online playlist
  • Teacher’s Pet: Win a Tier A+ Lakeshore Online playlist
  • Top Billin’: Win a Tier S+ Lakeshore Online playlist
  • #Blessed: Own 10 vehicles in your story mode garage
  • The Collector: Own 10 vehicles in your Lakeshore Online garage
  • Hey Speedie!: Reach 200 MPH in story mode
  • 100 Miles and Runnin’: Drive a total of 100 miles in story mode
  • Throwing up Tags: Customize our Driving Effects
  • Fashion Killa: Customize your clothing
  • Cool Whip: Apply a custom wrap to your ride
  • Kick it: Use max Burst Nitrous 5 times during Lakeshore Online events
  • Drop the Beat: Use max Burst Nitrous 5 during story mode events

Hidden Trophies

  • New Crew
  • Oh, It’s On
  • Lake Better Watch Out
  • Found Family
  • Hey Lakeshore

There are a total of 42 trophies to collect:

  • 1 Platinum Trophy
  • 4 Gold Trophies
  • 8 Silver Trophies
  • 29 Bronze Trophies

By looking at this trophy list, you’re only going to get around 30% – 35% of the trophies through story progression. The rest will come from collectibles, challenges, and online multiplayer. Which doesn’t surprise me. NFS Heat’s trophy system is structured in the same way. However, it seems as though EA has decided to lean more heavily on online play this time around.

The Cleaning Up trophy is going to be a hassle to get. Hopefully, EA has learned from their mistake and allowed us to track collectibles from launch instead of making us wait half a year. If it’s any consultation, at least all the activities are tied to silver trophies. So that’s something.

From experience, I can tell you that it is better to have multiple cars that are optimized for each activity. There’s no problem with having one car that does it all but cars built for speed aren’t the best when it comes to drifting.

Takeover events are the new unique aspect of this game. Much like how day and night events are a thing in Need For Heat. The trophies requirements don’t appear to be that steep in Need For Speed Unbound. You are still expected to overperform, and then some.

As always, earning online trophies is like playing a whole other game. But if you are already used to online play, then you shouldn’t have much trouble. Especially if you’re constantly racing and acquiring better cars all the time.

And that’s all the trophies you can expect to collect in Need For Speed Unbound. Watch out for them when the game releases on December 02, 2022.

Also, check out this Takeover Event gameplayer trailer Need For Speed’s own Youtube channel.