New Character Packs out now for 100% Orange Juice

Independent game publisher Fruitbat Factory is proud to announce the release of a new DLC for 100% Orange Juice on Steam. 100% Orange Juice – Krila & Kae Character Pack adds 2 new playable characters from developer Orange_Juice’s games – Krilaralis and Kae.

100% Orange Juice is a digital multiplayer board game populated by developer Orange_Juice’ s all-star cast. Characters from Suguri series, QP Shooting series, Flying Red Barrel and Sora come together with all-new characters to duke it out… with dice.

Character Pack includes:

  • Krilalaris from ‘QP shooting – Dangerous!!’
  • Kae from ‘Suguri’
  • New, unique Hyper Cards for both characters to bring chaos to the battlefield with!
  • New music tracks play as Krila & Kae’s themes


The new characters are designed by Orange_Juice’s original staff for the game’s English Steam release, with character and hyper card art by Hono.

100% Orange Juice – Krila & Kae Character Pack comes priced at $1.99, with a-25% launch discount for the first week. All other 100% Orange Juice titles are also available at discounts up to 66% during the currently active Steam Summer Sale event.