New Nintendo Switch Model Reportedly Launching This Year with Bigger OLED Display

A new report suggests that a new Nintendo Switch model will be announced soon this year with a new feature that many fans have been waiting for.

According to media outlet Bloomberg, the upcoming new model of the hybrid handheld console will have a bigger Samsung OLED display. The size of the display will be 7 inches with 720p-resolution OLED panels. This new information comes from the media outlet’s sources that have asked not to be identified. Also, both representatives for Nintendo and Samsung Display have declined to make statements.

While the Samsung OLED display is new, nothing is remarkable with the 720p-resolution. When the “new” console will be docked though, it will be a different story. It will output graphics up to 4K resolution when used with compatible software and a 4K display.

Again, no official confirmation yet from the game company about this new Nintendo Switch console. They did make a statement a while ago that there will be no new models to be announced anytime soon. Take this new development with a grain of salt for now.

Source: Bloomberg