New Pokemon Toys Released by Bandai Spirits

Gotta buy 'em all!

In a recent tweet by BANDAI SPIRITS on their twitter page, the company has announced a new line up of Pokemon stuffed dolls and more with a theme of “Pokemon For You, Happiness Collection.”

BANDAI announced that these special Pokemon plushies will be available starting today and will be available for purchase in any Japanese toy store, bookshop and more around Japan.

Pokémon for you, Happiness room collection consists of the following, a Pikachu Plushie toy, Galarian Ponyta plushie toy, Piplup plushie toy, Snorlax Rug and a Pikachu hooded blankets. Each of these items cost at least 650 yen included 10% tax.

In addition, there is also a campaign where you will receive an original sticker every time you purchase any of these products , so don’t miss this too. Also, if you tweet with “#一番くじポケモンHappyBag3” during the period, there is also a Twitter campaign where one person will be given special prize.

For more details about these fabulous and cute Pokemon toys, fans can visit the webiste, “” for more details. For more Pokemon related news, click here, here, here, here and here.